They say it’s your birthday

Last weekend was my birthday. My wonderful friends took me camping on Keats Island and hosted a barbecue for me. On the camping trip, each person took a turn saying their favourite thing about me, with no repeats if you can believe it! There were tons of laughs and a few tears (mostly from the kids, but a few from me), and I felt loved, celebrated and taken care of. It was everything I could ever want and more for a birthday.

Over the course of the weekend, at least five separate people asked me to sum up what the last year of my life had been like. Most of them followed with: what do you want to accomplish this year? The follow-up question is much tougher for me to answer.  Obviously there are parts of the future that are unknown, and should be—this could be my best year yet! And there are definitely lots of things I’m looking forward to. But what did I want to accomplish during my next trip around the sun?

I’ve never been a particularly goal-oriented person. I have a lot of vague ideas of things I would like to achieve in my life and I enjoy waving my hand at them from time to time when asked. One day I would like to write a novel! One day I hope to write a song that we sing in church! One day I would like to have the core strength to be able to sit on the ground for an hour at a picnic without my back getting sore!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve achieved lots of things in my life. I’ve just never been good at getting specific about exactly what I’m aiming for. I’m more of an “I’ll know it when I get there!” type of person.

At my birthday barbecue, when Raurie asked me what my goals were for this year and I shrugged my shoulders because up until that moment I hadn’t thought about it.

Sarah! You’re starting a new year of life! You need to set SMART GOALS!” she said, smacking me on the arm with the final exclamation point.

I rolled my eyes because smart goals are so Raurie. Make a plan—no matter how lofty—and execute it. But I’ve always struggled with them. Even at work, where they’re mandatory for your performance development plan.

You know how I do the Year-in-Review post every year, and every year I say that I want to write more? Maybe part of my problem is that I haven’t been smart about it. I haven’t said what I want to write or how often. I haven’t made a specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, time-bound goal. So here goes:

I would like to post something, anything here once a month for the rest of 2018. It doesn’t have to be profound or long. I want to write for writing’s sake. I want to write for practice. And I want to meet a specific goal I’ve set. Hold me to it, internet.

(This counts as the August post).