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    There are so many things I missed about Vancouver. So many wonderful things I forgot about or didn’t realize how wonderful they were until I got to experience them again after three weeks away. I forgot how comfortable my bed is. I forgot how wonderful it is to brush your teeth with tap water. I […]

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    Exactly four more sleeps until I leave for Africa. I’m ready. I’ve borrowed all the camping gear I need. I shopped for the essentials like gravol, a sun hat and SPF 60 sunscreen. All of my fundraising is done. Thank you (x 1 million) if you are one of the people who gave, attended a […]

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  • Deadliest Catch


    On Sunday afternoon I went crabbing with some friends at Bel Carra. More accurately, I went and sat in a lawn chair on the dock for a few hours while my friends crabbed. I had grand plans for an afternoon at home: doing my taxes, sending out my fundraising letters for Africa (… say what? […]

  • Home is Where the Heart is
  • Sympathy Vote

    My throat hurts today and I’m totally miserable because of it. Having a sore throat is the absolute worst kind of sick because you can’t sing or enjoy coffee. Also, people can’t tell that you have one so you get zero sympathy. ”You don’t sound that bad!” Oh really? Because I feel like I just […]