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    Apologies for the way-later blog. I just started a new job and it’s beautiful out. Between working and world cup and patio nights who even as time for the internet anymore, amiright? For the July long weekend Jenn, Raur and I took off to the Okanagan for the girliest camping trip of all time. We […]

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  • Camp Vibes


    When I was a kid, we used to camp at Radium Hot Springs every summer. Most years we coordinated with our extended family and booked campsites all together so there were approximately one hundred Weiss cousins running around in the forest every July. My Mom’s family has been going there every year since before she […]

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  • Island Life


    Last weekend I went to the Island with a few nearest and dearest to celebrate Tiff’s birthday, and we didn’t really do a whole lot but it was great.  We made food together, hot tubbed, played board games and watched a few episodes of Modern Family we had all seen before. We managed to have […]

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  • Look how they shine for you


    There was so much to take in, it was hard to know where to point your eyes and focus your thoughts. In between all the new experiences—smells, sights, sounds—it was easy to be overwhelmed. I almost forgot to look up. But one night I threw my head back and caught a glimpse of the universe, […]

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  • One Man Invasion


    There is a lovely older Irish gentleman at work who is retiring this week. He’s a kind, gentle old soul and I like to pepper him with questions when he comes into the office just to hear him tell stories with that accent. Today I was asking about his plans for retirement, and he informed […]

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  • Oregon Trails

    Photo from Oregon Coast

    Every New Year’s, I write one of those year-in-review posts. One of the questions is , “What did you do this year that you’d never done before?” This year the list will be a mile long thanks to Africa and all these extreme camping trips I’ve been going on. I’ve lived on the west coast […]

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  • Out of Africa


    There are so many things I missed about Vancouver. So many wonderful things I forgot about or didn’t realize how wonderful they were until I got to experience them again after three weeks away. I forgot how comfortable my bed is. I forgot how wonderful it is to brush your teeth with tap water. I […]

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  • Camping is in tents

    There are at least a hundred things I’d never done before leaving on this trip that I have after this week at camp. Sleeping on the deck of a boat as it sails overnight down the longest lake in the world is one of them. I woke up last Monday morning to the sunrise and […]

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  • A few days in Kigoma

    Habari! I am (very) slowly picking up some Swahili. The word for OK is “Sawa” which sounds a whole lot like “Sarah” when you say it fast. People say it a million times a day and I’m getting whiplash from thinking I’m being called all the time. For the past few days we have been […]