Oh, hi there! Nice to meet you. I’m a writer and communications specialist based in Vancouver.

The Personal Stuff

In addition to my day job as a digital and internal communications manager, I’m also an introvert, a sports fan, an anglophile and a musician.

  • Introvert: I like to say that I’m a high-functioning introvert. I love people…especially laughing with people! But I also need a solid amount of time to recharge by myself and total quiet when I’m writing or concentrating on something.
  • Sports fan: I’m not particularly athletic and am truly terrible at playing sports but I absolutely love to watch them. I grew up in Edmonton and am a diehard Oilers fan. I actually believe they will make the playoffs win the cup one day and I’ll get to tell everyone,“I told you so.” I’m also a fan of the Seahawks, own an L.A. Dodgers baseball cap and will happily jump on whatever NBA playoff bandwagon is the most popular. Lately I’ve been getting into soccer, but my Premiere League loyalties are still up for grabs.
  • Anglophile: British television/history/humour/people are my favourite. I will watch nearly anything the BBC produces and have read all three massive volumes of the Last Lion Churchill biography. Sometimes I daydream about picking up and moving to England, and I’m still holding out hope that one day someone with a U.K. passport will marry me so I can get a visa (kidding, sort of).
  • Musician: Music has been a part of my life since I was a child. I started taking piano lessons at the age of five, learning classical Royal Conservatory all the way up until high school, when I discovered jazz. I went to music college for three years and earned diplomas in jazz piano performance and composition. When I’m not working or watching British television, I play the piano and sing in a band.
  • Other: I like to make lists, I watch Jeopardy every day and my favourite colour is purple.

The Bloggy Stuff

sarahmiller dot ca the blog started in the fall of 2006 when I packed up my trusty 1992 Honda Civic and moved out to the West Coast for school. Blogging started out as a way to chronicle my adventures for friends and family back home. I kept up writing faithfully in this space for eight years, then briefly transitioned it to a freelance communications portfolio before bringing it back around to a plain ol’ blog again. With a real job and a real life it’s tough to be super consistent in this space. But I love writing and I always come back eventually.

The Professional Stuff

I saved this until the very end because it’s boring but important. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University and Diplomas in Music Performance and Music Composition from Grant MacEwan College. I’ve been working as a Digital Communications Manager for a local non-profit for the last four years. If you’re interested in a full list of my experience you can check me out on LinkedIn,but I’ll know because LinkedIn is creepy like that.