A Gallery of Wonderful Things

Michelle and I were talking the other night about how addictive and wonderful it can be to read design blogs. But both of us also acknowledged that this was a major problem in our lives because it gives us all these ideas about design and things to do with our houses that we don’t really have the money to follow through on. In my case not only do I not have the money, I don’t have the space. Roomie and I are literally using our bathtub as a storage room. Don’t worry the shower is separate so we both get to wash our hair regularly.

Anyway, here’s some things that I’ve been drooling over thanks to apartment therapy and design*sponge:

Behold, my ideal kitchen (via apartment therapy). Please note the white tiled backsplash, super deep ceramic sink and stainless steel dishwasher. Yes please!

The coolest fridge in the world (also via apartment therapy). Not sure how this would fit into my ideal kitchen exactly but a chalkboard fridge would be oh-so-handy.

And lastly, (for today anyways) we have these marvelous posters which I would like to order a set of—preferably Phoenix, Seattle and Philadelphia. Sadly the shipping costs to Canada practically double the price of the poster.

These are done by The Heads of State, a design firm out of Philadelphia.

2 Replies to “A Gallery of Wonderful Things”

  1. I have totally used my tubs as storage before! You can fit so much in there!! and FYI, if you ever do want to order anything from the states and can’t afford the extra shipping, you can send it to my moms and I can pick it up when I go down there!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That’s an amazing offer I will probably take you up on sometime.

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