sarah the grouch, oscar’s long lost cousin.

It rained like whoa today, and it’s supposed to rain all week long. This suits my mood which has been melancholy and anti-social for the past few weeks. On the plus side, I get to wear my cute new rainboots a lot. Seriously though, two Saturday nights in a row now I have ditched out on parties I was invited to in favor of hanging out in my pajamas and watching movies and hockey. Although to be fair this past Saturday I went to Ariana’s to do so. I think that should count as being social.

On Saturday there is a giant fundraiser/Halloween party going on and approximately 83 of my friends are going. I probably won’t ditch out on this one which means I need to come up with a Halloween costume sometime in the next five days. I’m seriously considering half-assing it and going as Liz Lemon for the second year in a row. But the girls organizing party are so gung-ho about the whole costume thing that I don’t know if I can legitimately get away with it. Bleargh. Costumes are the worst.

Natalie and LDC are in Florida right now, going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am insanely jealous.

This was a grumpy entry. I blame the rain, and the kids who won’t get off my lawn.

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  1. Man, I’m crabby too. And costumes ARE the worst. That’s why I’m not going.

  2. SARAMILLER.CA FTW!!!!!!!!!!

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