Serenity Now!

Proper update coming soon. But here I will just tell you that yesterday was one of the most frustrating, terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad days I have had in a long time and by the time it was over I was happy to go to bed just for the relief. I definitely had a sneaky hate spiral moment when I came home from work. It’s funny now, so I’ll share but oh, at the time it was not funny

After having been in a bad mood um, all day long the last thing you want to do at the end of the day is go and stand in line at the bank. But unfortunately I had just run out of checks and rent was due so I had to take out cash to pay my landlord.

I also made the mistake of drinking a big mug of hot water with lemon in my last hour of work so I had to pee about 10 minutes into my 45 minute long drive home. By the time I got to the bank I was about ready to burst but it was pouring rain and I knew if I didn’t go on my way home there is no way I’d want to pull on all my rain gear and walk 6 blocks in the rain later. First I stood in line to wait for the cash machine because the line was shorter. But when I finally got to the machine, it told me that the amount I needed for rent exceeded my daily limit. So I had to go and stand in line again to get to the teller. And people, they only had one teller open! At 5:30pm on the last day of the month. WHAT!?!

Anyway, by the time I had waited in line twice and finally got in my car to head home my bladder was about ready to explode. I raced through my front door, and chucked off my boots and dashed for the bathroom only to find that my toilet was totally and completely plugged. It was at this point that I think I burst into frustrated, angry tears. I had reached that point of desperation where all rational thought goes out the window and you just feel like the entire world and everything in it is out to get you. Why did I have to drink that mug of hot water right before I left work? Why do I only have a cheapo plunger from the dollar store? Why? Why? Why?

I threw on my rainboots and rain jacket and ran (still crying) around the corner to Benny’s to use their bathroom. Once I returned home and was no longer quite so desperate, I was able to unplug the toilet with the cheapo dollar store plunger. I ate supper and then settled in to finish the charts for the Westside Christmas ensemble and things went pretty well up until Finale crashed on me and I lost about an hour’s worth of work. By this time I was feeling so pathetic and defeated that I didn’t even have the energy to get mad, I just started over. And hit command s every two seconds.

I really hope today is better.