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It’s the Ides of March this week. Should we celebrate by watching the Ides of March or by reading about Julius Caesar? Serious question: How do they know that Caesar was actually killed on March 15th? Is this a proven fact or just generally accept legend? It seems weird to me that they have a nailed down, exact date for when Caesar was killed but Easter moves around from year to year.


It’s March, and that means it’s time for Fug Madness!! It is the most highly anticipated (by me) tournament of the year. Fug Madness combines some of my most favourite things: celebrity fashion, giving my opinion and clicking on buttons. This year there is a printable bracket for you to hang up on your fridge/bulletin board/over your bed as well as an FAQ Madness page to explain the rules. Ariana and I are both pulling for Miley Cyrus but I feel like Nicki Minaj or Rooney Mara could put up a good fight.


It had been nearly six months since I got my hair cut last and even longer since I’d dyed it. On Saturday I had a long overdue afternoon at the salon. The best part about being friends with your hairstylist is that she knows what you like and your personality and can figure out what would look good on you almost better than you can. I went in knowing two things: I wanted more ombre and to keep the length. She gave me nearly blonde super model hair. In church the next day someone actually asked me if this was all my real hair (Yes!). I’m still getting used to how light it is. Every time I look in the mirror I do a double take.

Note: I would also recommend trying to schedule your hair appointment at the same time as one of your good friends. It makes it more fun for chatting plus there is the opportunity to take fun pictures with sexy hair and bad lighting after.


Are y’all sick of hearing about Kony 2012 yet? Me too. I thought I’d write about it so you know what I think. Kidding! I will spare you any opinions about IC or the Kony campaign. What I find fascinating is how fast the information cycle turns around on the internet. We went from “Everyone Get on Board With This! What an Awesome Idea!” to “Too many people are talking about this! This is terrible! I’m tired of hearing about it!” in about 8 hours. Remember when new stuff could enjoy at least a good few months of popularity before they started getting backlash or exposure fatigue? Sort of makes you wonder if there will ever come a day when we don’t have enough new content to satisfy our information appetites. Probably not. There will always be new cat photos.


I have been thinking a lot about silence lately. There have been a ton of scripture verses jumping out at me about Waiting on the Lord, Waiting in silence, Being still, “Remain in me”… And I am just noticing how much noise there is in my life. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Television, all kinds of stuff to keep up with. Even when I have the time to actually sit and be still I have a hard time with it. The temptation to check my phone or just look quickly look something up on the computer is so strong. I’m going to make a concentrated effort over the next few weeks to unplug a little bit. Not in a “LOOK AT ME I’M SO HOLY I’M GOING OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!!!” kind of way. I just want to make an effort to shut off my phone off for an hour here and there and just be still.


Since I have been so busy the last couple of weeks I got majorly behind on the New Girl (and Modern Family…which I have yet to catch up on). The good thing about this is that on Sunday night I got to watch a whole bunch of episodes in a row. Schmidt is rapidly becoming my most favourite part of this show. Even in the episodes when he doesn’t get much screen time, he still steals the show. This scene had me in tears:

You can also follow Max Greenberg—the actor who plays him— on twitter for Schmidt Tips. It’s pure gold.


Are you guys playing the drawing game? This is my new most favourite game on my iPhone. My brother seems to be the best/worst at it. He likes to think outside the box and make things way more complicated than they need to be, which is the key to being an interesting drawing opponent. J.Knepps has been using a stylus to draw his pictures which I think is totally cheating.


Aaaaah, you guys I love this so much! Her voice is so great. I love her Jonas accent. If you ask me, there is not enough accordion in the world.


Warning: it’s about to get super nerdy up in here. A few of my friends are heading to Florida in June to attend the GC women’s conference. First of all, Tim Keller is speaking. Second of all they are thinking about going to Cape Canaveral on their free touristy day. I nearly died when I heard. I am trying to save up all my pennies and pray that I can figure out the money to go. I literally can’t think of anything more exciting than going to the Kennedy Space Centre and seeing Tim Keller preach in the same week.

Last week was the anniversary of Apollo 9 and Life magazine has a photo retrospective of the lunar module up. So Cool *adjusts nerd glasses* ok, I’m done.


Speaking of nerding out… only 9 more days until the Hunger Games! Ariana, Jodes and I are going to a 12:01am show. There is a 50% chance that Jodi might show up dressed as Haymitch. What’s that? You want to watch the trailer again? Ok.

5 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. love the hair! go you! go eliza!
    love your idea about SILENCE. “wait for the Lord. be strong and take heart. and wait for the lord” psalm 27:14.
    we’re on the same wave-length.

    1. That’s awesome. I love that verse from Psalm 27, it’s one of my most favorites.

  2. This post literally made me die laughing. (That’s a Rachel Zoe literally.)

    2. CLICKING ON BUTTONS!!!!! Also one of my favourite things.

    6. Hilarious, but I have to say that scene is all about Nick for me.

    7. Natalie’s plumber crack is WAY BETTER than mine. Also: stylus is TOTALLY cheating, and this explains so, so much.

    8. Good thing most of your readers are Westsiders and will catch that reference.

    9. You should gooooooo!

    10. How did you know I wanted to watch it again? HOW??

    1. I’m glad you laughed. But don’t die, please. Figuratively or literally.

      6. Nick is good too but the part where he starts dry-heaving and also, “I AM FURIOUS RIGHT NOW”. Is just sooooo hilarious. I love when he just stops and looks at Winston like, “Are you SERIOUS?”

      9. I am hoping my tax return will cover a bunch of it. Fingers crossed.

      10. I have a fifth sense about these things.

  3. I went to the Space Center and it was amazing!! I even bought a long sleeved shirt and wore it all the time. Honestly, it is so fascinating! Doooo it.

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