Tuesday Top Ten


Today is the first day of spring. The cherry blossom trees seem to be really into it, even if the weather isn’t. I can’t wait to be able to wear flats with no socks! I know that sounds like a weird thing to be excited about but I have been rotating between the same two pairs of boots for one million years the past six months and I just can’t wait to wear different shoes to work without being afraid of frostbite.


This past weekend was bestie’s Bachelorette. We got a room at the Westin Bayshore in Coal Harbour and holed up for a weekend of girlyness. We watched movies and painted our nails and jumped on the bed and swam in the pool and ordered pizza. It was the greatest. Like being on vacation. Our room had an amazing view, too.

On Saturday night the Columbus Blue Jackets were in town and they stayed on the same floor as us. In the room next to us, in fact. Nat and Maddie left our door open and turned up Kanye really loud after the game was over. My future roommates, ladies and gentlemen. Luckily, none of the hockey players wanted to join our party.


This is the Mac and More from Burgoo. If you haven’t had it yet you should try it. Macaroni and Cheese and BACON.


Nat found these Limited Edition Birthday Oreos and they are so delicious. The icing inside tastes like the stuff from Dunkaroos. Remember Dunkaroos? My Mom never bought them for us as kids so I would always try and sweet talk my more fortunate friends into sharing. Now that I’m an adult I can buy things like Birthday Oreos, Dunkaroos and Reese Puffs for myself. So I guess there are some perks to being a grown up. The trade off is that you have to do your own taxes.


Tonight I’m signing the lease on my new place. This makes moving officially official. I’ve started going through my bookshelves and closet try to get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore so I don’t have to take it all with me when I move. Even with such a tiny place it’s amazing how much stuff you can accumulate in a year. I really hate the packing up part of moving. Setting up a new place is always fun, but cleaning out the old one is the worst. I’ve now done three moves in three years. Hopefully this will be the last one for awhile. Until I get married? Fingers crossed.


Two more days until the Hunger Games! I can barely contain my excitement. Can you believe that Ariana and Jodes and I are nerdy enough to have bought tickets for a 12:00am showing? Don’t answer that. What I really can’t believe is that we all agreed to stay up so late past our bedtime. Uh, ps they released the Official soundtrack today. There is a new song from the Civil Wars (yay!) but also T.Swift, The Arcade Fire and Kid Cudi (?). Not to mention: The Secret Sisters! And that guy from the Swell Season!


Last week, Ariana and I bought tickets to go see Bon Iver in May. So I am guaranteed to see her at least once after she gets married (kidding)! He’s playing at Deer Lake Park so we are going to have a very romantical friend evening with mini donuts and lemonade. Hopefully it stops snowing by then.


The enchantment of the drawing game lasted about a week for me. It was fun when I was playing four people. Now I’m up to about ten games and it is just too much. I can’t keep up with everyone. So I’ve stopped trying.


During a very brief shopping excursion on Saturday afternoon, I got these awesome peachy-pink pants. I am totally in love. And also terrified of spilling something on them. If only spring and warmer weather would actually, finally arrive to match my pants.


This is my most favorite thing I’ve read so far this week. From You Can Change:

11 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. I love all points! One through ten! I promise I will still come visit when I live in the faraway lands of suburbia. I am going to keep my same esthetician so I’ll be forced to, har har.

    1. Ok. I have really got to go and see what all the fuss is about with this Manjit lady.

  2. You mean Glenn Hansard? From the greatest music movie of all time “Once”? You mean the man who broke my heart with in the first 5 minutes of a movie with his beautiful voice? ( This is me sarcastically making sure you know how great Glenn Hansard is)

    1. Yes! It’s been awhile since I’ve seen that movie but I love the scene where he’s singing and playing guitar in the back of the bus. Mostly I called him the guy from the Swell Season because I couldn’t remember how many “n”s were in his name.

  3. Point Four is epic!

    And Point Six is so very exciting!

    This was a good top ten week.

    1. It’s so funny, I feel like the weeks that people like are the weeks that I think I’m the most boring. Thanks for always commenting and encouraging me in my writing! It means a lot.

      ps. Try the birthday oreos, you will not regret it.

      1. No way, the birthday oreos are nast.

        1. You don’t even like Cherry Coke so I don’t trust your tastebuds’ opinion on anything.

  4. Sounds like another swap is in order!!

    1. Omg yes! I have so much stuff to get rid of. Specifically, shoes. So if you know any other girls who have small feet let’s invite them. All my friends have bigger feet than me.

  5. Well Sarah you may think going to a midnight showing is nerdy, but take comfort in knowing you will never be as nerdy as your brother. I’m going to a bar on Sunday to watch the finals of a Starcraft 2 tournament

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