Ruby Tuesday

Wedding Weekend was the absolute best. Everything went so perfectly! And I am totally spent. Last night I could barely drag my butt off the couch to get a glass of water. Unfortunately I have to move this weekend so it’s not the greatest time to be made of lazy. If you’ll allow me to give you some life advice—try not to schedule your best friend’s wedding and moving in the same one week period.

All this is to say, I’m not going to do a proper Top Ten this week. I need to concentrate on building the box mountain in my living room.

Here are a few activities you could do instead of reading the Top Ten this week:

  • Head to the nearest coffee shop. Place your entire order in the voice of Spaghatta Nadle
  • Read a book! Suggestions: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 1 Peter, Spoiled, War and Peace
  • Collect all the moving boxes you can find. Drop them off at my house.
  • Write a limerick/haiku/acrostic poem about dinosaurs. (If you do this one please post in the comments)
  • Watch this Hipster Games video

Next week we’ll return to regularly scheduled programming.

4 Replies to “Ruby Tuesday”

  1. j(eremey)z says:

    PBR? PBR!

  2. They’re not real glasses.

  3. nataliecher says:

    R idiculously
    A wesome
    P redators,
    T hey
    O perate
    R ather
    S eductively.

  4. Green scales fall like rain
    Dinosaur and friends extinct
    No more T-Rex roars

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