Tuesday Top Ten


I moved. I am exhausted. I feel like I could sleep for days years. But it’s done. I made it through April.


These guys. I am so blessed to have such awesome friends. And to be a part of such an amazing community.


Did ya’ll get VSCO cam last week? It’s VSCO cam madness out there. I’m no photographer but in my humblest of opinions, it is a pretty good little camera app. I really like the filters and how simple it is.


My brother is coming to visit in two weeks! I can’t wait.


Dustin Penner joined twitter. This is super lame, but I was really excited about it and started following him right away. Come on you guys, he listed his website as ihop.com! Hilar. What? Nobody cares but me? Ok.


Setting up all the furniture in my room was the first thing I did on Saturday afternoon. It is so big that I actually have an entire space for my books/piano/grandpa reading chair. I’m so excited for everything to be put away and organized so I can finally hang out and read all the things in that chair. I don’t want to take pictures yet because there are still clothes all over the place. But just so you know, Nat calls it my Parlour.


Have you guys seen that show Duck Dynasty? It’s about this redneck family that invented some special duck call and made like a bajillion dollars. Like the Beverly Hillbillies, but real(ish). It’s my new favourite show. I’m really sorry for the quality of this clip, but it’s the best I could find on Youtube. They are trying to bring some assembly line automation into their business so they build their own conveyor belt, naturally.


The publication ban has lifted, which means I’m allowed to show you wedding photos!


Did you guys watch The West Wing? I loved that show. I wish it was on Netflix…let’s send that request out into the digital universe and see what happens. To be honest, this Funny or Die video didn’t make me laugh that hard. I was mostly just super excited the West Wing cast was all back together again. I would totally vote Josiah Bartlett for prez.


I have no idea what the month of May holds for me. I’m facing the end of yet another contract job. I am so tired of job hunting. I daydream about having an out of date resume because I haven’t had to use it for a few years. I just want to find a place to land where I can work hard and commit myself to at least a few years building towards something. I’m craving a little stability.

But this time around, it feels a little less scary. This time around I have a little more faith. This time around I feel more peace in knowing that God has a perfect plan. So I’ll keep walking with him. And it will be ok.

11 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. Nice TTT, Millz!… you almost missed your deadline…. mwahahaha

    1. Close but no cigar.

  2. Firstly, I am embarrassed by that duck show. Oh my word.

    Secondly, I have the entire West Wing series if you’d like to borrow them. I never lend them out – only to adorable people I know I can trust and who have an awesome blog.

    1. Don’t be embarrassed by the Duck Show! They’re from Louisiana (not Texas). And they are awesome and hilarious.

      I am so going to take you up on that offer. In return I will let you borrow Friday Night Lights. The TV show. Which you absolutely much watch.

      1. Deal. When/where should the hand-off take place? 😉

  3. Parlour! Amazing. I want to see it. Can I come over?

    1. YES! But just be prepared it is still slightly hoarders-esque. But you can see the floor now, sometimes.

  4. I loooved the West Wing. My Dad and I would watch it every Wednesday. He would imagine he’s Rob Lowe and I of course thought the Press Secretary job would be ideal.

    1. CJ! Oh man I loved her so much. I also thought that being the Press Secretary in the Bartlett administration would be my dream job. Until I grew up and worked in Media Relations for real and realized how stressful and un-fun it is.

  5. Oh the wedding photos turned out so well! And as a complete moment of “know that feel”, glad that you are moved. It is always one of the most stressful/fun/exciting things to do (strefunting?).

    1. Strefunting! Adding that to my vocabulary. Yes moving is all of those things. I’m SO GLAD it’s done. Because now I can focus on the fun (decorating) part.

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