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After a brief hiatus, Top Ten is back. And I am back at work! Temporarily. I’m still chasing down that dream job. Are you looking for someone who loves writing and graphics and web content and communications strategy and teamwork? Email me!

*Note: That made me cringe a little. I generally try to keep things light and personal around here and not all BUSINESS. But I want to put the word out there that I’m job searching so that you guys can keep your eyes and ears open for me. Deal? Ok.


Being off work this past week was actually a blessing in disguise. It gave me dedicated time to unpack and paint my new room. When I first moved in it was this gross Kahlua brown color. Maddie and I soldiered through and painted my whole room on Wednesday and Thursday and now it’s an amazing light aqua blue color that I am totally in love with. I’ll do a whole room tour once it’s actually decorated/all finished.

One thing I learned about myself this week is that I do not deal well with chaos in my house. Between painting and unpacking it was like living in a cross over episode between Hoarders and Design DNA. I was a total grouch all week and could not rest until everything was put away. My poor roomies.


When I do finally decorate, I would like to have at least one painting on my wall. Preferably of a sailboat but I’m not too picky.



Did y’all see The Avengers this week? Probably, since it made a kajillion dollars. I am not usually a huge fan of super hero movies. So I went in to Avengers with the absolute lowest of expectations. And I loved it. I loved it so much I went back to watch all the Avengers movies I missed out on the first time around (Thor, Captain America, Ironman). The only thing that is still bugging me is the Black Widow. She has essentially no super powers and she still gets to be in the Avengers? What is that all about?! It could have been any super spy. Why not make Sidney Bristow a part of your crew? Or Jason Bourne. LAME. And don’t try to tell me that Batman has no super powers. He has a utility belt and all kinds of cool gadgets. She doesn’t even have GADGETS. Come on.


My brother was in town this weekend and we had a grand ol’ time visiting with cousins and barbequing in Jeremey’s backyard and watching superhero movies. Kev graduated with an engineering last month and has a sweet job lined up already. Just like that. Whatever. He had a month off before starting work and was down in Mexico and then came to visit me. He also decided to drive down the coast to Northern California and camp along the way. He didn’t even have a map, you guys. Kev is the total opposite of me. I would have needed to plan this out about six months in advance and have at least one travel buddy. He’s happy to just hop in the car and go with it. I really love both my bros and am so proud of the men they have grown up to be!

Also it is really strange to a) be able to go out for a beer with your little brother and b) have him finish his giant corona before you are halfway done your normal sized stronbgow.


I AM GOING CAMPING THIS WEEKEND!! At Radium Hot Springs. With the Douze. I AM SO EXCITED.


formal shorts. Oh what? You’re not watching this show? Why not? It’s the cutest. I may have squealed out loud a few times during the season finale this week.


Speaking of TV, they released the trailer for Mindy Kaling’s new show! Ok. I’m not 100% sold based on this trailer. But I will give it a shot because: a) I adore Mindy Kaling and kind of want to be her best friend and b) TOBY ZIEGLER!


I am not a morning person. I never have been and I never will be. There are some people who can train themselves to get up early and be disciplined and eventually grow to love it. I wish I was one of them but I’m not. One of the biggest blessings in not working last week was being able to get up at a normal time and spend a solid hour of my morning reading the bible. Outside on the patio at Benny’s. It was so peaceful. He himself is our peace.


You guys, I think it’s actually summertime. I sat on a patio every single day this week.

7 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. I’m kind of mad at you about #8. How can you not be sold???? Come on.

    No wait. I don’t want to know your negative thoughts. I’m just going to wholly and unabashedly love it on my own.

    Re #6: Exciting!!!! That’s a bit of a drive. Have you planned your route and chosen a travel buddy?

    1. Look I just wish they didn’t make her a doctor, is all. It makes it lean a little towards Grey’s Anatomy. Mindy Kaling is so much better than Grey’s Anatomy. That’s all I’m saying.

      1. I can get behind that.

  2. I was in charge of Radium Hot Springs during Census! They put up some fliers for me 🙂

    1. Ah, fond memories!

  3. Hmmm. Sailboats. I just finished a watercolour painting of some fishing boats. Would that do? It’s matted but not framed. 24 X 18 inches, I think.
    Want me to send a picture?

    1. Yes please!!

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