Who run the world?

Tonight I have to go to a lingerie shower for a friend who is getting married in a few weeks. Fact: it is really weird to buy underwear for someone else. Girls, why do we do this to each other!? Can we seriously not just get giftcards? I don’t want to know what any of my friends are wearing on their wedding night, ok? I need to be able to look them/their husbands in the eye later and not think about sexy outfits.

On Monday night I went to a hip hop class taught by Kim— my nearest, dearest sparkle dancer friend. Fact: for someone who is pretty musical I have a really hard time getting my feet and arms to move with the beat. We worked on a move I would like to affectionately call the “krunk gallop” to Run the World (Girls) . It’s been my theme song all week. Enjoy. Go run the world (girls) this weekend.

2 Replies to “Who run the world?”

  1. I laughed pretty hard at the intro of this video – white stallion rearing up? Also, the slow look up – an actress she ain’t. Eeek I just got to the part where she fingers the camera. Bahaha. I think her and Lady Gaga have been having coffee together. Hmm maybe people should have watched this before the Van riot. Could have escaped jail time if they’d only have learned that choreographed dance.

    1. I just love the salute at the end!! So amazing.

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