Forty Six Sleeps

Uh, you guys did we skip spring and go straight to summer? I think I got a sunburn on my lunch break today. Also I need to remember to wear contacts tomorrow because reading outside in the sunshine with no sunglasses fried my eyeballs.


Nothing beats Vancouver in the summer. This is why we all live here and put up with the ridiculous housing everything prices and the rain, rain, rain and the Sun Run every year.



We had our Africa team training weekend this past weekend. We leave in just over six weeks! Everyone shared their testimonies, and it was good to get to spend some extended time getting know each other before we leave. Josh showed us some video from their Tanzania trip last November, including the testimonies of some of the staff and youth leaders at Hope of the Nations. Seeing the places we’re going made it seem so much more real. We’re going to a real place, to meet real people. Aaaah! I just can’t wait. We also found out that there will be a wedding taking place between two of the staff members while we’re there and we will get to help decorate and do music for them! Between the HoN newsletters and the videos I feel like I already know some of these people. It will be so wonderful to meet them in real life.

Averee, Katherine, Dan and I are in charge of music for the trip, so we spent the better part of Saturday afternoon putting together a list of camp songs. We even have a band name: Dan and the Damsels. Cute, right? We will definitely be doing the banana “song” which was hugely popular with the kids in Mexico, among others. If you have any ideas for camp songs we just have to do, let me know. I have been leading worship most of my life but I’ve never done kids or camp worship before. Just one of the many new experiences this Africa trip will be bringing into my life.