hot shots

Things that are hard to do when you’ve had shots in both arms:

  • Reach for a glass from the top shelf. Ok fine this is hard for me all the time.
  • Give someone a hug.
  • Put your hair in a top knot.
  • Sleep. Unless you are not a side sleeper, then it’s easy.
  • Sit on an aisle seat on the bus.
  • Stretching.

We leave for Africa in 24 days! I am equal parts excited and nervous. Our fundraising deadline is at the end of this week and I still have about 20% left to go. Friends, I would love it if you are able to support me. Even $10 or $20 would be so helpful. How to: visit the “Give” page on the Westside website, select “Tanzania 2013 Summer Camp Team” as the designation fund and put my name in the Note. Quick and easy. If you missed it the first time around this post, will tell you all you need to know about this trip and why I’m going. Thank you to everyone who has already given, and those of you who are praying as we prepare for this trip. I appreciate it more than you know!