Kevin, I know for a fact you don’t party!

Last week my brother flew out here on a business trip and we got to have lunch together. I sat across the table from him and listened to him talk about his plans for the year and his hopes for his life and career. And it hit me—my little brother is a man now. The same kid who stole all my attention and got his head stuck in the railing on the stairs and drank record cleaner and threw my toothbrush in the toilet is a grown up. And today is his birthday.

Kev has always been braver than me. When I was little my mom used to be able to leave me on a blanket in the yard, knowing that I wouldn’t wander off because I hated the feeling of grass on my bare feet (don’t worry, I got over that). Whereas Kevin was the kid you couldn’t turn your back on for even one second because he would take off and try to go down the tallest waterslide in the park by himself at three years old. Even though it bugged me when we were younger, I have always admired his willingness to strike out and try new things. And his unflappable sense of humor—whether his adventures are a success or a failure. I love this guy, he has grown up into an amazing man and I am so blessed to have him as a brother.


So here’s to you, Kev-Bot. Happy Birthday. I hope it’s a good one. Even though I know for a fact you don’t party.