They say it’s your birthday

I am occasionally told that I’m funny. Mostly by Tiff and Ariana, who laugh at all my jokes like best friends are supposed to. I’m fairly certain this sense of humour comes courtesy of Gramma Miller—possessor of a dry, sarcastic English wit who taught us songs about constipation from an early age. But my sense of humour is nothing compared to my brother Mikey (I’m the only one allowed to call him that). Mike can find the funny in every situation and he’s great at a straight-faced delivery, which is the key to comedy if you ask me.


Mike is the self-crowned King of the Nerds. While Kev, the rest of the world and I were watching Olympic hockey last week, he was live-streaming a computer game tournament or something from Europe. He also has an extremely convincing replica-light sabre. Sometimes a conversation with my brothers can feel like you accidentally wandered into an episode of the big bang theory.


In two months he is getting married to the perfect girl, who loves him and all the nerdy things he likes too. I know he will be a loving, funny, sensitive and awesome husband. Even though it is totally nuts to think of my baby brother being somebody’s husband. I am so proud of him and excited to be a part of the nerdiest wedding of all time. Here’s to you Mikey on your birthday. Your last one as a single man! I love you! May the force be with you while you live long and prosper avoiding bears, eating beets, living on battlestar galactica.