Island Life

Last weekend I went to the Island with a few nearest and dearest to celebrate Tiff’s birthday, and we didn’t really do a whole lot but it was great.  We made food together, hot tubbed, played board games and watched a few episodes of Modern Family we had all seen before. We managed to have a grand ol’ time even though it was rainy and gross out. Nothing earth shattering or worth writing home about—hah!—just nice small town friendy times.  

Last week also marked the two year anniversary of living in my place. In the life of a single, transient Vancouverite two years without moving is basically an eternity. For nearly all of that time (except for a few months at the beginning that I’d rather not think about) I have lived with Raur. After all this time together we know each other pretty well. I have probably cried in front of her more times than anyone else in my whole life up to this point (except maybe my Mom). And I am probably the only person who truly understands the depth of her love for marshmallows. But I feel like I know her even better after this weekend.


We stayed in the town where Raurie grew up on the Island, and it was so cool to wander around with her and see all the places where she spent time as a kid. I love meeting people’s families and finding out where they came from. It’s like putting together the puzzle pieces from someone’s story and seeing how they fit or where they may have inherited a certain trait or worldview. I could totally picture her growing up in this small town full of seniors, and understand where her warm friendly love of people comes from.

The most excitement we had all weekend was at the Fire & Ice Festival in Qualicum Beach. Essentially, you wander up and down the street and get to sample a bunch of different kinds of chili while people are making ice sculptures around you. It was something straight out of Stars Hollow. After we had eaten our fill we poked around in antique shops and started a dance party in the free coffee line while the guys made friends with a 96 year old piano player name Herb. Can you imagine being a professional musician for over 60 years? I hope I am still playing the piano when I’m old…but maybe not that old.




(This is the only photographic evidence that the boys were on this trip too.)

There is probably an inspirational quote floating around out there in cyberspace that goes like, “True friends are the ones you can tell everything to, but you don’t have to say anything to” or something lame like that. If not, I’m gonna slap some serif text on a sunset picture and share my brilliance with the world #inspiration. I might be getting old or it might just be the capital “I” Introvert in me, but I think there is nothing better than finding people you can just be around. Friends that you don’t have to make grand plans with or do crazy activities, you can just hang out and shoot the breeze and enjoy each other’s company. Or better yet, friends that you can just be quiet with and it’s not weird. Feeling pretty blessed to have a few of those folks in my life.

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