On New Year’s Eve Raurie, Tiff, Jenn and I sat around our table and made predictions for 2014. We shared a bottle of red wine and laughed until we cried as we wrote down hopes and dreams for the coming year.

Last night I reached into my bookshelf for a new notebook because I had filled up the one I was using. I grabbed one that Tiff had given me for Christmas and the note pages of predictions slipped out. I read through them again. They were hilarious and more outlandish than I remember—it must have been the wine. None of them have come true yet, but there’s still time.

There are changes in the air, I can feel it. A deep sense in my bones that God is stirring, moving, working. This summer will not be the same as the last. It’s time to grow up. As I turned the page in that notebook I thought about all the words I would fill it with and all the words that came before. Prayers that have been answered and are being answered and will be answered. Lessons that He is writing between the lines. And I wondered how many things we’d be able to cross off the list when we sat down together next New Year’s Eve.