people watching

People are interesting, aren’t they? And complex. And funny. And lovely. And hurt. And full of contradictions. Joy and sorrow, sickness and health. Light and Darkness. What a strange race, we humans. Loved and known but we don’t know it. Held together by hands that hung stars And on a tree. (photo cred: Life Magazine)

definitely maybe.

Alright, let’s take a break from the melodramatic blog entries, shall we? I am still processing everything I learned and saw in Africa. There are still days that are hard, and times when I don’t understand my own emotions. But I know that I learned a lot in a short period of time and God […]

Sunrise, Sunset

Three compelling stories. Grab a cup of tea. “This inner voice will not be quieted for it is a wildness born not of this earth. It is a voice that longs to speak to mountains, to step out of boats. A voice that stills storms and walks through temple curtains torn. And with eyes fixed […]

20: 22

Word Wednesday!! I haven’t done one of these in ages. Last night Michelle and I were joking that I needed to change my blog name to “Sarah’s Monday and Tuesday Blog” or something like that, but more witty. Truth be told I haven’t had a lot of time for reading the past few weeks. I […]