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  • Liner Notes

    Back in early January 2016, the four of us Heritage Hill gals gathered in Grace’s living room to put together a work-back plan to record an album. I don’t think we had any idea that morning what God had in store for us over the course of the next year. Even then, as we planned […]

  • World Traveller
  • #misco2016

    Mexico has never been at the top of my list of places to go. Actually, I’m ashamed to admit that I’d been to Tijuana once on a youth mission trip and didn’t feel a strong desire to go back. How’s that for voluntourism? But then my friend Steph won a trip to Cabo by whistling […]

  • World Traveller
  • The Grand Canyon State

    A few years ago my parents bought a house in Surprise, Arizona. Yep, the town is actually called Surprise! It’s just outside Phoenix. When my Dad retired at the end of last year they headed off to fulfill their destiny as snowbirds and I joined them over the Easter weekend. We went to see an art […]

  • Year in Review
  • 2015 Year in Review

    A whole year has gone by since I blogged last. I don’t write much in this space anymore, because work and life take up so much of my creative energy these days. But I thought I’d drop by to do the year in review post. It’s good to look back and remember, plus this will […]

  • For Seasons
  • And the living is easy

    Oh summer. With your warm sunshine and cold lakes and tanned skin and pink sunsets and wild adventures. You are taking up all of my time. Your golden days are beautiful and numbered, slipping through my fingers and living on in the back of my memory. Can you stay forever? Can you hurry up and […]