And the living is easy

Oh summer. With your warm sunshine and cold lakes and tanned skin and pink sunsets and wild adventures. You are taking up all of my time. Your golden days are beautiful and numbered, slipping through my fingers and living on in the back of my memory. Can you stay forever? Can you hurry up and […]

Extreme Wilderness Glamping

Apologies for the way-later blog. I just started a new job and it’s beautiful out. Between working and world cup and patio nights who even as time for the internet anymore, amiright? For the July long weekend Jenn, Raur and I took off to the Okanagan for the girliest camping trip of all time. We […]

Book Club-Weekend Update

Ok guys, I have not been faithful with these book club updates and I know there are probably two of you who care about what I’m reading. Sorry. Last week I finished On Beauty by Zadie Smith. I went back and forth about how many stars to give this one on goodreads and finally settled […]

Like it’s your job

I have been job hunting for four years. That is not me hyperbolizing or embellishing for dramatic effect. It has been four long years of writing cover letters and sending applications off into the void. Four years of wondering why no one is interested in working with me, and if there is something wrong with […]


On New Year’s Eve Raurie, Tiff, Jenn and I sat around our table and made predictions for 2014. We shared a bottle of red wine and laughed until we cried as we wrote down hopes and dreams for the coming year. Last night I reached into my bookshelf for a new notebook because I had […]

Camp Vibes

When I was a kid, we used to camp at Radium Hot Springs every summer. Most years we coordinated with our extended family and booked campsites all together so there were approximately one hundred Weiss cousins running around in the forest every July. My Mom’s family has been going there every year since before she […]