“Ten thousand light years from nowhere, our planet shot to pieces, people starving and I’m gonna get us in trouble?”

The Olympics are coming. This should not come as a surprise to me as it’s all anyone talks about in Vancouver these days, but for the first time this week it has felt real. Thousands upon thousands of people are about to descend on my city, and it’s already started. To be honest when I had to drudge all the way up Robson from Beatty Street (BC Place) to Burrard on Tuesday morning—that’s 10 blocks, in case you were wondering—I was not excited about all the new buildings and pavilions and art exhibits I passed along the way. Instead I was annoyed with all the extra people, walking slow and speaking in foreign languages bumping into you as they try to take pictures of the buildings and flags everywhere. I really hope that I get some time to take in all the Olympic pandemonium, instead of being stressed out all the time because I have somewhere to be and it’s just in my way.

On the flip side, I’m starting to get excited about my job with the broadcasting crew for the Games. I’m sure that it will be exhausting but the chance to be inside BC Place Stadium when everything is happening (particularly to get to be in the media centre away from the worst of the crowds) is pretty amazing. Once in a lifetime stuff, really. I had better lose the ‘tude.

Anyway speaking of Robson Street, guess who I saw today when I went shoe shopping on my lunch break! This guy:


Now most of you are probably wondering: who is that guy? The only one of my four regular readers (hi mom!) who has ever seen Battlestar Galactica is JP, and he doesn’t like to comment so I feel like he doesn’t count. For the rest of you: he is Helo from BSG. In short—he got left behind on Caprica in the initial Cylon attack and after surviving the nuclear blast he fell in love with Boomer who is actually a cylon even though she didn’t know it at first and they end up getting married and having a kid, much to the chagrin of everyone else on Galactica. Their daughter is the first cylon/human crossbreed and she ends up saving the world. He’s way more freckle-y in real life.

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  1. I comment when I feel I have something to add :p

    And in this case, HELO!

    Or more recently, PAUL BALLARD!

    So jealous.

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