Great Expectations

You may recall that last year I watched the Super Bowl solely because Beyonce was doing the half time show. Due to a strange combination of factors, I actually care who is playing this year. Because my hockey team is perpetually terrible, and because I needed something to watch that I didn’t have to pay […]

Oh Great. Outdoors.

You are not going to believe this, you guys. I went on a hike last weekend. Somehow I managed to become friends with a bunch of outdoorsy guys this year. I must have an especially sparkling personality or something because I’ve been fairly vocal about my dislike for the outdoors and hiking in general with […]

“Ten thousand light years from nowhere, our planet shot to pieces, people starving and I’m gonna get us in trouble?”

The Olympics are coming. This should not come as a surprise to me as it’s all anyone talks about in Vancouver these days, but for the first time this week it has felt real. Thousands upon thousands of people are about to descend on my city, and it’s already started. To be honest when I […]