What are you aiming for, out here alone? I said I’m aiming for home.

Oh hey internet! I’m alive still, don’t worry. Things have been a little humdrum in Sarahland the last few weeks so I haven’t had much to write about. Here’s the gist:

• Roomie is getting married in three weeks and I still haven’t found anybody to move in with me. So the quest for a new roomie occupies a lot of my thoughts and conversations these days. I waver back and forth between being all “It’s all going to work out fine! God will provide!” and “I’m going to have to use up all my savings to pay for an empty room and will never be able to travel or buy a new car or invest in anything ever, for all time, the end.” So if you know someone who is looking for a roommate for June 1st please put me out of my misery send them my way. I’m lovely to live with I promise.

• The job hunt also continues. I have applied for what feels like thousands of jobs and not heard so much as a “thanks for your application!” from any of them. Sometimes I wonder if my email is broken, but I still seem to be getting things from SFU and Air Canada so that can’t be the problem. It’s early still, and I have gainful employment until at least the end of the summer so I’m trying not to be too bummed about it but goodness there is nothing like job hunting for crushing your spirit.

• My car is most definitely on its last legs. I always do the “is it gonna start???” cringe every time I have to drive somewhere and I’ve started budgeting extra time for things in case it doesn’t start and I have to take the bus. If I had a permanent job I could probably go and buy a new-to-me car tomorrow, but I can’t get a car loan with a fixed end date to my position. I mean, maybe I could but it wouldn’t be the smartest thing because what if I get to September and still haven’t found a job or a roommate. Oh, woe is me!

See? Sometimes real life is boring and doesn’t make for good reading on the internet. Truthfully the up-in-the-air nature of my life is occasionally really exciting but most of the time really terrifying. But I’m still getting out of bed every morning though and there are good things happening still, so it’s not all doom and gloom. The good things:

• Summer is just around the corner. I am eagerly awaiting the day I can legitimately wear flip flops and sunglasses outside without getting too cold or having to take the sunglasses off when the sun goes behind a cloud.

• Westside launched its Granville Island gathering last week and I am so excited that I get to be a part of that campus. Ben has set up bands that will be more or less consistent for the next little while and I really love the people I’m playing with. Maybe it’s because I’m just wired musically but I feel like I connect with God the best through worship, and it’s been a great source of comfort when I look at that first list and feel overwhelmed.

• Ariana and I are making a trip down to the States on Saturday (in her lovely new car!) to engage in some serious retail therapy. The dollar being at par plus my Alberta drivers license equals more new clothes for less money.

• Even though it means the end of our time living together I’m seriously excited for Roomie’s wedding. There’s nothing like seeing two people you really love get married. Plus it gives me an excuse to shop for a pretty dress. I think I’m gonna try and pull off red lipstick. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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  1. Oh Sarah, don’t I know how you feel- car, job blah! And, even though it may feel like whinning, I still like reading it- so BLOG MORE!

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