“Why don’t you be a good little brother and go make me a jelly bread sandwich?”

Remember a little while ago when I said that May was going to be a cra-zay-zy month? Well this has definitely turned out to be true. All of it is good stuff, it’s just been busy. This coming weekend is the first time I don’t have some kind of major social engagement going on and I’m using the time to clean. my. house. The timing is right since Aaron is also planning on moving in and Roomie has moved most of her stuff out already. I’ve gotta say that I am amazed at just how much crap two girls can amass in a mere ten months of living together. Also, I have realized that I may have entirely too many shoes. When I came home yesterday and looked at the shoe racks by our door (still full), I thought she hadn’t packed her shoes yet. Except upon further inspection, all the shoes were mine. Oops.

My brother (Kev-bot, the middle one) paid me a very spontaneous visit this past weekend and it was probably one of the most fun times we’ve had together ever. Kevin is the kind of guy who will text you on Wednesday night to ask for your address because he’s planning on driving 13 hours to see you on Friday. Oh, didn’t he tell you before that he was coming? No? Well, can you cancel your plans? Ok good.

Anyways, Kevin nearly gave me a heart attack on Friday night/Saturday morning as he was driving here…through the mountains, overnight, after working all day, alone. I asked him to text me updates of his progress on the highway because I was just a little bit concerned about the safety of the whole thing. So I got text messages from him at 8:30pm to say he was in Hinton and that it was snowing and then again at about 10:15pm as he was leaving Jasper after gassing up. And then…nothing. He had told me his plan was to stop in Kamloops and sleep and then finish the rest of the drive in the morning. Except he never texted me that he got to Kamloops. He never responded to any of my increasingly frantic “Where are you???” text messages.

So I tried to sleep with an internal argument raging in my head: “He’s probably just pulled over to sleep and forgot to text you back” versus “Obviously something horrible has happened and he’s died in a fiery car crash!!!” I kept waking up about every hour to pray and check my phone until at about 6:30am I gave it up and called my Dad (about to tee off on the golf course in Kananaskis, naturally) to ask if he’d heard anything. My dad advised me to wait a few hours and then call the RCMP to find out if there had been any accidents involving a blue Honda along the 5/97 highways.

So I vacuumed and changed the sheets on Roomie’s bed for him to sleep in and frantically did all kinds of other little cleaning things to pass the time and finally at 11am after not hearing from Kevin for twelve hours, my Dad called me back and said that it was probably about time to call in the cavalry. Instead I dialed my brother’s cell phone one last time, just to see and he answered, totally alive: “Oh hey sis!” Bah! Little jerk!

Apparently while I was having a panic attack he was resting up in some shady highway motel in Blue River…but not so shady that it didn’t have a hot tub! His cell phone apparently died, and then once he had charged it he was totally out of cell phone range. To which I said: “YOU COULD HAVE CALLED ME FROM THE HOTEL!”

The good news is he is alive and we had an amazing visit while he was here. We hit up Granville Island (for church and then stocking up on beer), Nimby Burger & Kits Beach and Stanley Park. But let this be a lesson to the little brothers of the world: if you are driving by yourself on the highway at night to visit your sister in a far away land make sure your cell phone is charged.

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  1. lol sorry bout that sis.

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