She’s Leaving Home

Over the course of the past week-ish, several major life milestones were reached. First, Roomie and de Funk got married. Then, little Levi turn one whole year old. And then, I found a new roommate. Ok so that last one isn’t really a major life milestone…but for all the stress and sleepless nights it caused over the last month and a half it may as well have been.

Roomie’s wedding was a smashing success. The weather and venue were beautiful, the ceremony was short and pointed to Jesus at every opportunity and the food was really good. Plus also I think I looked pretty good—which is what it’s all about, obvs. I will admit that I had a few moments of sadness when I came home to an empty, lonely house after the reception. But I think the joy of seeing someone you love marry someone they love and be so blissfully happy outweighs everything else. I will tell you one thing though, watching One Tree Hill will not be the same anymore because I’ve gotten used to trying to predict all the crazysauce plot points before they happen with Roomie. Ariana told me I could just join a support group for this.

Levi’s birthday party was also a smashing success. It was super hero themed, which meant a lot of kids running around in capes. Ordinarily this is not my scene, but even I must admit it was pretty cute to watch all the kiddies in their outfits trying to share toys. I found these awesome little green Chuck Taylor hightops for Levi that I can’t wait until he’s big enough to wear.

And finally, the new roommate! My cousin Aaron is going to move in with me for the summer. It’s a temporary fix for both of us, as I think ultimately he’d really like to be living with a bunch of guys and I know that he’ll probably get tired of watching Gilmore Girls with me all the time eventually. But actually I think it’ll be pretty fun to live together for awhile. As long as he keeps the kitchen clean.