I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart

Yesterday my Mom sent me the nicest email. It was so lovely and so full of good motherly wisdom that I cried at my desk a little bit while reading it. Embarrassing! Anyway, one of the best parts was when she reminded me of the importance of focusing on the blessings that I do have, in the midst of all the uncertainty in my life, and to not let the joy of this season be robbed by worry. So in the interest of looking on the bright side of life (insert whistled Monty Python tune here…) I hereby present you with the things that I’m excited for in the next month-ish, in no particular order:

• SUMMER. Flip Flops, shorts, sunglasses and patios.
• JZ is moving to Vancouver, for realises! This is so exciting I can barely even tell you. It’s going to be awesome.
• Roomie’s wedding. I have a pretty dress! It’s going to be nice out!
• Graduation. It’s been nearly seven years in the making but I am finally, really and truly finished school.
• My family is coming to visit! They have not been out here to visit me since Stephanie’s wedding last summer. I’m so excited to show my parents around Vancouver and my new place and for them to see me graduate. Related: My Dad is going to be here for Father’s Day. I have not spent a Father’s or Mother’s Day with my parents since I moved away. Hooray!
• Colleen will be visiting at some point in July. We will probably either go camping or down to Seattle to visit her…roadtrip!
• There is a possibility, provided I find a roommate for June 1st and can therefore use my savings for some travel that I might get to go overseas in the near future. Keep your fingers/toes crossed and say some prayers for me.
• Eventually I will get to move out of my place and into something nicer. And it will have a dishwasher! So I choose to believe.

Voila! I may need to staple this list to my forehead for the next two weeks to see me through. But that is a lot of good things, no? And a lot of exclamation points.

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  1. Awesome… I should make my own list! Good call.

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