“They’ve got trees and mooses and sled dogs, lots of lumber and lumber jacks and logs!”

Tomorrow it is going to be July! Canada Day! I wish someone would let the weather in on this vital bit of information. Today I made the mistake of not bringing a jacket with me to work because I looked out my window when I was getting dressed and saw sunshine so I just assumed it would be warm out. Wrong! I very nearly froze when I went for a walk on my lunchbreak.

Did you know that Lindt now makes a 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate bar with sliced almonds in it? Um, yes please. Next you will be telling me that those coconut flavoured M&M’s I keep hearing about come in a dark chocolate variety, and I will know that heaven on earth has arrived.

So since tomorrow is Canada Day and because I worked a bunch of overtime a few weeks ago I’m taking Friday off which means I get a four day weekend, yo! Ariana and Natalie and I are heading up to Whistler for a girls getaway Thursday/Friday, which shall be awesome and probably include hot-tubbing, listening to hip hop and being lazy by a lake or something if the weather cooperates. Perfect. If only I had some Coconut M&M’s…

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  1. I had coconut M&M’s in vegas, they were awesome. I also had the pretzel M&Ms. They were also awesome. I brought the coconut ones back here to share, but you are not here, so you didn’t get any. 🙁

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