“I would like you to dance, Birthday! Take a cha-cha-cha-chance, Birthday!”

So I guess I only blog once every two weeks now?

I am rapidly approaching the end of my job (two days left!) and to be honest I’m a little bit excited for unemployment. Obviously not the no-paycheck part, but otherwise it might be kind of nice to have a few weeks break. It will seem like a nice little vacation, provided it doesn’t go on too long. In the meantime I have been drowning in an endless sea of cover letters and job applications. The thing I am most excited for once I finally do get a job is that I won’t have to constantly keep updating my resume. Scratch that, the thing I will be most excited for is not writing cover letters. Cover letters are the worst.

Tonight our band (with some special guests) is leading worship at Coastal Church. Practice last night was good but loud with an extra guitar and Mr. Watts on the drums. It was so loud in fact that halfway through I was wondering if I just stopped playing/singing if anyone would notice since I couldn’t hear myself anyway. But then the aforementioned Mr. Watts piped up, “Hey, it’s funny how both guitar amps are pointed directly at you Sarah!” Hilarious. Re-angled amps made things a little better. Anyway, I’m kind of pumped about it. Sometimes its good to be all loud and rock and roll in worship right? I bet Jesus likes mad freakin’ beats as much as the rest of us.

Tomorrow is my b-day. 26!! Egads I’m old. For some reason 26 feels way older than 25. I mean, if you had asked me when I was 16 what I’d be doing when I was 26 I probably would not have said, “I think I’ll have just finished university and be unemployed and single living in a basement in Vancouver”. Also I just realized that I have had my drivers licence for ten years now. I wonder when I start getting my senior citizen discount on insurance?