Life Unupdated

Obviously, I have been a non-blogger for um, awhile now. I don’t want to think that is dead, mostly because I don’t want to be one of those people who starts a blog and religiously updates for two weeks and then throws in the towel. But also, I like going back and reading what […]

Let the Games begin.

There has been a war to end all wars between me and the payroll department at work the last few weeks because they shorted me nearly four hundred dollars on my last paycheck. This is probably something you’re not supposed to blog about and I’m only bringing it up because it is essentially resolved now […]


I am too tired to think in paragraphs, but have the following things to tell you: · My car is broken, again. There is pretty much nothing that stresses me out more than my car at this point. Good news is one of the guys in my small group is going to fix it for […]