I am too tired to think in paragraphs, but have the following things to tell you:

· My car is broken, again. There is pretty much nothing that stresses me out more than my car at this point. Good news is one of the guys in my small group is going to fix it for me.

· I have gotten a combined total of about 12 hours of sleep since Saturday. There is no good reason for this, but overtiredness may have played a significant factor in last night’s menial 4 hours. Why does your body gang up on you and not allow you to sleep when you really need it? If you find the answer to this one let me know.

· After work today I traipsed through the downpour to the International Broadcast Centre at Canada Place to pick up my credentials for the Olympics. They are very official looking, and my picture is hot! I have never, ever had an I.D. photo look this good.

· Roomie and I giggled our way through HIMYM’s 100th episode and the musical number was just gold. I loved it but then, I’m a sucker for musical number.

· This Conan bidnass is crazy. I am on Team Conan, obvs. Jimmy Fallon has taken over the #1 spot in my late night heart, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Conanza who got me through many a late night closing shift at Starbucks.

· I had a really crappy day at work today, probably due to tiredness and increased workload. When I finally took a “lunch break” around 2:30pm (read: walk to clear my head) who should I just happen to bump into in Shoppers, but the cute lifeguard I had a mega crush on the summer I worked for SFU Rec & Athletics. And of course my eyes were all teary (I cannot help it, I cry a lot ok?) because of work being stressful and my hair was a hot mess because of the downpour. So I did what any girl would do in this situation and hid in the next aisle and exited the store without buying the much needed moisturizer I went in there to get. Am I the coolest person you know or what?

· I am intrigued by the 3D version of Yellow Submarine that Disney is supposedly working on and also the new series about New Orleans Jazz musicians from David Simon (of The Wire).

· Tomorrow night I’m going to see Switchfoot for the 8th time ever and I’m so excited it feels like Christmas Eve. I don’t think seeing them will ever get old.

Ok that’s it, the end, bed time. I think some of those may have accidentally turned into paragraphs.