See this face? This is my over the moon face.

On New Years Day Ariana and I finally went to see New Moon. We’d been waiting it out to avoid the initial rush of pre-teen girls and also so that we could laugh at all the serious bits in the movie without getting into a fight with serious fans. It was worth waiting, let me tell you. I find the movies spectacularly entertaining, in a so-bad-its-good kind of way. Even though I could not for the life of me slog through the books—it took me nearly two full months to read the third one because I kept getting mad at the terrible writing/terrible dialogue/terrible co-dependency of the main characters and putting it down—I love the movies. But then, I am also the girl who counts Blue Crush among her favourite movies so that tells you a little something about my taste.

We went to a matinee, expecting the theatres to be pretty quiet as people recovered from hangovers or attended family dinners but boy were we wrong. It was probably not the busiest I’ve ever seen a movie theatre, but it was close. The reason was of course, James Cameron’s Avatar. There were signs above the door to the theatres saying “Avatar has been sold out since before you were even born so please don’t ask us for tickets.” Not really, but the spirit of it was akin to the “No Stairway” sign in Wayne’s World.

Just so you know, I have not seen Avatar and have pretty much zero desire to. I realize that it’s groundbreaking new technology, blah blah blah. But I’m seriously unimpressed by the use of Papyrus font for all the marketing, and also that they couldn’t spend some of the $400 kajillion dollars or whatever it cost to pay someone to write an interesting, original story. I have seen Disney’s Pocahontas and I don’t need to see it again, I don’t care if it’s in 3D. Yell at me all you want—you care about groundbreaking technology, I care about typefaces and storylines. These things are important to me.

The thing I do find interesting though is all the hooplah it’s created in consumer electronics. Because now 3D HDTVs are the latest, greatest thing, and your dad/husband/boyfriend/brother will probably be lining up at 4am on a Boxing Day in the near future to buy one. ESPN has already announced that it plans to launch a new channel this year in 3D. And some of the other major cable companies are expected to follow suit. I must admit the thought of watching sports in 3D does intrigue me. Will it be like Dustin Penner is skating through my living room? If so, I’m on board. But I should probably catch up with the times and get my own HDTV/BluRay player/pvr first, because Roomie is getting married and moving out in May and I think she plans to take hers with her.

4 Replies to “See this face? This is my over the moon face.”

  1. I swear Sarah, this post is exactly my thoughts. How did you do that?

    Well except I did like the Twilight books (though the whole time I felt a strong urge to grab a red pen and edit the crap out of it).

    But movies? Same feeling! Avatar? exact same. You even talk about CES and 3D TVs. seriously. scary.

  2. Roomie is getting married and moving out in May and I think she plans to take hers with her.

    The nerve!

  3. Tory, How did I do that? Magic. Haha, honestly I’m not sure. Maybe we just have the same good sense and taste. You should have grabbed the pen though and then used it all over the books and mailed it back to Ms. Meyer.

    Ariana: I KNOW!

  4. In my defense, I’m leaving the couches and the kettle.

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