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Obviously, I have been a non-blogger for um, awhile now. I don’t want to think that is dead, mostly because I don’t want to be one of those people who starts a blog and religiously updates for two weeks and then throws in the towel. But also, I like going back and reading what I’ve written and seeing where I’ve come from. For example, in October 2006 I had just moved to Vancouver and was dealing with some of the worst homesickness and depression I’ve ever experienced. I was learning how to cook for myself, live on my own, trying to make friends in this City, and when I look back and read those entries I just can’t help but smile at how God has blessed me and and taught me since then. I wonder if SarahMiller2006 would even believe that in four years I would still be here, living in my dream neighborhood, with a buttload of people who love me? Probably not.

Anyway, I last (properly) updated on September 20th. Which is nearly a month ago now, egads. There have been a few life changes since then:

1) I moved. And it was chaotic and crazy but I’ve come out on the other side and it is wonderful. At a later date I will write about all the things I love about my new place, but for now let me just tell you about moving day, ok? I actually ended up doing the entire move on September 30th. The (wonderful, amazing, clean!) fellow who was living in my suite before me called me up a week before the move and said that he could actually be out by September 29th if I wanted to move in right away. I believe I did a victory dance and then said, “YES! PLEASE!” and thus began frantically trying to find a truck to rent for the end of the month and round up all the strong men I knew who didn’t have day jobs. The actual moving process lasted from 8:30am, when JZ and Natalie and I drove out to Richmond to pick up the moving truck until we finally returned it and came home around 12:30am. It was exhausting. But I learned that I have pretty much the best friends ever.

2) The day after I moved I had a written exam/interview thing for this government job I had applied for back in August. This meant that I had to get up at about 8am to give myself time to make myself look beautiful and professional, eat something, research the department a little and drive all the way out to Metrotown. Normally getting up at 8am does not seem like a big deal, but factor in moving for 16 hours the day before and a week of stress and meltdowns preceding that and it’s pretty much a miracle I held it together. But I did hold it together! Well enough that I got called back for an oral board exam. This is government speak for 2nd interview. I’m still waiting to hear back about that one, but it’s still early.

3) The day after I moved was also the first day of the Westside women’s retreat. A retreat that I was leading worship at for four different sessions, oof. Don’t get me wrong. I love leading worship. There is nothing better than getting to do something you are totally passionate about that God has gifted you to do. And when it involves leading about 100 or so women singing praises to Jesus? Amazing. But I was tired, yo. So tired in fact that I wasn’t sure I would make it through the second set and broke down in tears during the sermon. I made it though! I sang most of the right words and played some of the right notes and did not fall over from tiredness even once. God gave me strength. And oh, those hotel beds were comfy. The whole weekend was wonderful, if not particularly restful for me. I learned alot and laughed a lot. I’m hoping next year they will plan it for a weekend when I’m not moving.

There’s more things that have happened in the past month; like how I went home for Thanskgiving and Joel T’s wedding; how I have been trying to occupy my days whilst being unemployed; how I am still looking for a job and waiting for a callback; how I have totally and completely fallen in love with my new house and my new neighborhood. But I’ll save all that for another entry because this is getting lengthy and I want to get up early for morning prayer tomorrow at 7am. But I’m back. Turning over a new leaf and all that. I hope you missed me.

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  1. Blog ALL the things!

    I think you should change your blog title to that. I’m glad you are back! I didn’t really miss you since I saw you an hour ago, but I missed your blog!

  2. If she changed it to that, it would be so derivative since it is a bastardization of a brilliant quote from another blog.

    Welcome back to Blogland, S.Mills, I’m glad I inspired you.

  3. Thanks, thank to my two loyal readers…who know everything about my life anyway.

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