Better things come to those who wait

Oh hai! Just dropping by today because I miss you, internet. Here is a quick update:

We have a couch! It is beautiful. We are going to be so happy together. I will be spending a lot of time here in the coming years. Also I bet my Community group will be happy they don’t have to sit on pillows on the floor this week.

After over a year of nearly blonde ombre hair, I went back to brunette on the weekend. This is much closer to my natural color (only slightly darker). I feel more like me. Strangely enough, more dudes noticed and commented on it than girls. That is the mark of a good hairdo, thanks Eliza!

Band of Horses released a new album this week, Mirage Rock and I am really digging it. Cease to Begin is one of my most favorite albums (see especially: The General Specific and No One’s Gonna Love You) but I found Infinite Arms a little disappointing, despite its Grammy nominations and critical acclaim. Mirage Rock feels like more of a follow up to Cease to Begin, with some songs that are a few more er, rocky. Electric Music in particular sounds like it could have been a Rolling Stones song.

One of the things I like about this video for Knock Knock is that it gives you the feeling of going on a hike with actually having to get up off your couch and be outside in nature. It’s perfect for me. I should get all my outdoorsy friends to just wear head cameras so I can feel like I’ve experienced mountain climbing without actually having to hike. Because hiking is the worst. Genius plan, right?