The Words of the Revelator

I’ve been streaming this Bryan John Appleby album a lot at work the past week. It’s super mellow, which I find helps me concentrate when things are so busy like they have been lately. Apparently he played at Bumbershoot a few weeks ago and I missed it. Drat. There is so much good music being made on the West Coast, isn’t there?

Aside, non-music related: Today is my parent’s 29th wedding anniversary. TWENTY NINE YEARS. I think this is a major accomplishment. Not everyone gets to grow up in a home where both parents love the Lord and love one another. I am so grateful and I have learned so much about relationships and commitment and sacrificial love from them. Congratulations, you crazy kids.

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  1. Thanks Sarah! We love you lots. who knew that getting married would have such wonderful rewards and for so long!!!

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