When I decided to do these Thursday Threads way back whenever, I honestly didn’t plan on chickening out on them about 75% of the time. The problem is that I am friends with a lot of stylish, fashion-minded ladies and I read a lot of fashion blogs. It’s giving me a complex. I look at my own poor girl wardrobe and “sense of style” and it seems so lame in comparison. But that’s a cop out, isn’t it? I should just get some less fashionable friends. Kidding. Alright, fine. Let’s talk threads/accessories!

After daydreaming about them for months I finally bit the bullet and ordered new glasses. They came yesterday and I love, love, love them. It’s my first time ordering glasses online and honestly I don’t know if I’d ever go back to getting them from the optometrist. They are from Clearly Contacts and I got a wicked deal on them and they came within two days of ordering them. And before you even say it, these are not hipster glasses. They are not thick enough and they are not wire/early 90s aesthetic enough and even if they were who cares. I’ve had it with hipster backlash, you guys. Give it a rest. Here is a self portrait I took of myself, Nexopia-stylez wearing my new glasses.

Over Christmas break I got super into that new Rachel Bilson show, Hart of Dixie. I watched ten episodes over a period of about a day and a half. While it is essentially impossible to buy Summer Roberts as a New York City doctor, the whole thing is just so charming that you just go with it. The town is a lot like a southern version of Star’s Hollow complete with wacky traditions like Planksgiving instead of Thanksgiving (thanksgiving with pirates!). I’m even slowly starting to like Jason Street. If you really miss Everwood or Gilmore Girls or just wholesome television on the CW in general you should check it out.

Great, so why am I including this in a threads post? First, because I adore these leggings she is wearing while she walks past Hot Neighbor Wade’s car. Second, there is a Go Fug Yourself “Fug the Show” feature that talks about all the totally-inappropriate-for-a-doctor formal shorts Rachel Bilson wears and the get ups from 1947 that her arch-enemy Lemon Breeland wears. It is really worth reading. Sadly, I did a very quick google search for the stripey leggings and could not find them. They are probably some crazy designer leggings that cost a million dollars but if I could find cheap knockoffs somewhere it’d make my day. I would wear them on my couch watching Hart of Dixie. Seriously, its the cutest show. Watch it so we can talk about it, mmmk?

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  1. =÷x= …awesome glasses!

  2. Well, I have to say I love the glasses, but don’t ever again give me a hard time over the size of the glasses I wore in the ’80s! These are exactly the same size. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I did mine. They were my alltime faves for comfort, and they were… blue. So me.

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