Even though I thought I was all alone, I was wrong.

This acoustic guitar/mandolin/cello combo is quickly becoming my most favourite musical sound. I like slick studio production and dance-y beats as much as the next girl but there is nothing like a stripped down acoustic performance. Just in case you were wondering, the way to my heart is slightly scratchy man voice and a well played acoustic guitar.

5 Replies to “Even though I thought I was all alone, I was wrong.”

  1. We are eerily similar in our likes. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to go listen to more of them.

    1. The path to my heart is similar, Ukulele or Banjo are perfectly acceptable substitutes for guitar.


      1. Ooooh! I’ll see your Banjo, but I’m not as much of a uke lover. Has to be the right situation…I just don’t find it as sexy.

  2. ooh COOL SONG madam
    side note: the cursive text down hither is illegibly small. ILLEGIBLY! Talking about the field titles in the Leave a Reply zone.

    1. Aaaah yes, I will get right on that for you sir!

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