Tuesday Top Ten


Happy Shrove Tuesday, everyone! The only thing I really know about Shrove Tuesday—besides the whole Mardi Gras thing, obvs—is that you are supposed to eat pancakes. So guess what I’m having for dinner?



The big news for this week is that The Cloven Heart has launched! Tami’s blog and Etsy store is a compendium of wonderful things. The styling and design are to die for and there are lots of wonderful treasures in the shop worth buying.

I credit Tami for any tiny hint of stylishness I may have. This is the woman who found me a bad-ass leather jacket and then convinced me I could pull it off. Any time I have had a fancy event to go to I stop by to shop her closet and she has had a hand in making me feel beautiful on many occasions. She’s one of my bestest friends so I’m a tiny bit biased, but she is honestly one of the most stylish and creative ladies I know. I am so proud and so excited to see all her hard work come to fruition.


I don’t usually observe Lent. I think once in high school or the year after I tried to give up television. It lasted until the first hockey game. If I wasn’t already doing the year-long bible reading plan I’d be very tempted to try this ambitious New Testament in 40 Days one. Do it. You will be so ready for Easter!


Check it out! Marc Ross on Television!


On Saturday, we did a ½ the Bridesmaids trip down to the USA for dress shopping. We left at 8am and did not return home until after 10 pm, so it was a looooong day. But it was totally worth it in the end because not only did I find a beautiful dress but I found new shoes (not for the wedding, but still) and an awesome purse and we had hours and hours of gabbing in the car. I hadn’t bought new clothes since November (this is probably a record for me). I missed shopping. First world problems, I know. Let’s just assume that since I’m not living in Africa all my problems are first world problems, shall we?

Ok kids, that’s all I’ve got for today. This past week has been really hard, and I’m sick, sick, sick. How about I leave you with the past few pictures from February Photo a Day?

February 15th- Phone

February 16th- Something New

A new song. There’s a bit of a story behind this one. I have been having a really hard time sleeping the last few weeks. Bad dreams, not being able to shut my mind off, you name it. On this particular night I woke up at around 2:30am and could not fall back asleep. I was nearly crying in frustration because I knew I was exhausted and still I could not.stop.thinking.worrying. And I very clearly heard the voice of God tell me to “sing about it”. So I did, and I wrote a chorus that is probably my most favorite thing I’ve ever written. Pretty much immediately after I fell back asleep.

February 17th- Time

Time…for Josh to start acting like a grownup? Sorry. That was half-assed, I know.

February 18th – Drink

Remember when you used to be able to get this in Canada? Am I the only one who likes it?

February 19th – Something You Hate to Do

I hate sore throats. And I also hate this tea. It tastes super gross. But it is also the only thing that I’ve found that seems to work when you have to lead worship for a bunch of ladies and your throat feels like you accidentally swallowed razor blades.

February 20th – Handwriting

My handwriting. Romans 8.

February 21st – A Favorite Photo of You

Me and Dad, circa 1986. I wish I still had those red pants.

13 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. I desperately miss vanilla coke. So much. Every day. Also I read your previous blog and a) loved the song so so much b) adore sad music when I’m sad. Most of my music could be classed as depressing or rap. Sufjan Steven’s “Casimir Pulaski Day” and Tom Waites’ “Blue Valentines” are my go to’s.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! Both who loves Vanilla Coke and sad music. I must admit I have not really gotten into Tom Waits yet, maybe I have to wait until I’m in a REALLY terrible mood. I’ll check out that Blue Valentines one.

      1. Tom Waits is the shiz.

  2. I also had red pants….i wore them with a matching polka-dotted red shirt and navy sweater!

    1. Oh my gosh, so stylish! That sounds like something I would wear right now.

  3. COMPENDIUM!!!! Five dollars for you.

    1. Are you giving out money for using big words?? Cause I could get on that train…

      1. Yes please. I have more! Can I just keep using them and rack up a tab?

  4. Love yous!! Thanks for the support!! 🙂

    P.S. I wanna go shoe shopping with you since I didn’t get to help pick the gorgemous maid’s dress!

    P.S.S. I don’t know why, but I gave up the photo challenge. Well mostly because of the ‘something you hate to do’. I didn’t want to think about something I hated to do, what’s more, take a picture of and immortalize it. But it probably wasn’t that big of a deal, just my excuse.

    1. I think you should start back up again because yours were my most favorite. Plus also I am feeling very lonely being the only one still doing it.

      You can totally come shoe shopping with me! Although I might just wear my black nine west pumps I wore to Becky’s wedding because they are comfy and pretty and make my legs look hot. Thoughts?

      1. I feel like black shoes (esp pumps) are too heavy to wear with that dress. You need something sparkly or colourful or light or all three!

  5. I think I might still have those red pants in a trunk downstairs. Want me to look for them?

  6. Hope you feel better soon.

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