my family lives in a different state

When you are sad do you like to listen to sad music, or are you the kind of person who blasts KC and the Sunshine band until you feel better, dammit? My dear friend Nat absolutely cannot handle sad music because it puts a damper on her permanent cheerfulness. Nat is the kind of girl who will send you a hilarious dino joke when you are in the middle of a stage four meltdown. Just try putting on something by The National and she will immediately change it. “NO! Too Sad! Not Helping!”

Personally, I subscribe to the sad-songs-can-soothe-a-hurting-heart philosophy. It’s the same principle as turning into the skid instead of out of it to regain control of your car when driving on icy winter roads. Ok that metaphor might be lost on most of my Vancouver readers. It’s profound, just take my word for it. And so. Here is a mildly sad song for what has been one of the worst Mondays on record for me. I have definitely posted the Head and the Heart here before, but I love the acoustics and the sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs feel of this video. For me anyway, the solution to getting over a bruised heart is almost always to sing it out.

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  1. When I am down, I like to listen to music that veeeerrrrryyyyy gently and unobnoxiously lifts me out of my funk. Nothing cheerful, per se, just something that slightly tilts toward the happy side of mellow.

    Either that or really really loud and angry rock music. The growlier the better.

  2. For example, Brett is currently listening to Leonard Cohen and I’m really very glad his office door is closed. I have opted for Coldplay instead.

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