Unless you have been following me on Instagram, you may have thought that I forgot all about the February Photo a Day challenge. Fear not! Here are the photos from the past few days. If you are following me these will be old news to you so you can go watch a cat video instead. Seriously though, we should be Instagram friends (heysarahmiller, look me up).

February 9th – Self Portrait

This is me with straight hair in the bathroom at Café Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive. About five minutes after this picture was taken I bugged my friend into letting me sing with him for open mic. This was a really fun night.

February 10th – Front Door

I totally mixed up February 9th & 10th. This was supposed to be self portrait day. Oops. These are the front doors I walk through every day on my way into work. Kind of looks like something out of Gotham City, doesn’t it?

February 11th – Makes Me Happy

Saturday I stayed home, caught up on reading/tv shows, cleaned my house from top to bottom and put in a couple of freelance hours. It was glorious. I haven’t had a day at home to just catch my breath since before Christmas.

February 12th – My Closet

Here is my tiny closet situated in the hallway next to my bathroom. My whole place is so small that everything is kind of crammed in where it can fit. There is no space for a proper closet in my tiny bedroom as my bed takes up almost the whole thing. When I move in a couple of months I will have a whole closet to myself plus a spare one to share with a roommate. I am not sure what I’m going to do with all that luxurious space. Probably get a whole bunch of new clothes.

February 13th – Blue

Nearly one week ago, I wrote about how Vancouver is a totally different place when the sun is shining. Here is the proof. Blue sky at 4:30pm in February is something to be celebrated. You prairie people with your year round sunshine and snow sparkles wouldn’t understand.

February 14th – Heart

I spent Valentines Day working on design projects and my heart was happy. Here’s one of my most favourite Oswald Chambers quotes (and there are many). The human heart must be satisfied in God first!

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  1. I like that heart picture. One day I will maybe bug you to help me graphic design. Your valentines day sounds more seasonally appropriate than the one we had at Crown King’s*; we spent the evening eating deer sausage and watching American History X.

    * This is the name I just made up for our house, because it is beside Crown street, and it is full of royal dudes.

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