Tuesday Top Ten


February stars. Do you guys ever look back on a month and wonder how exactly you made it through? That’s how I feel about January. I blinked and it was over. This week’s Top Ten seems to have a theme of self discipline running through it.


This past month has been super busy with freelance projects. It’s wonderful to have the work but it’s starting to wear on me a little. I’ve tried to make a conscious effort to schedule in down time for myself to just be next month. On the plus side, it’s teaching me to be disciplined about scheduling myself and managing my time. On the downside, who wants to have to schedule in down time?


This is cute. New perspectives on company logos from a five year old. My favorite is “Panda’s live in the woods! I think…” Branding starts early, folks. Hide yo kids (hide yo wife).


After whining about how none of my clothes fit anymore for the past few weeks, I have finally decided it’s time to actually do something about it. A few friends (including Norman D. Funk) have told me about this awesome calorie counting app, Lose It and I’m trying it out. It is really easy to use and the design is super pretty. Plus I find just the act of entering in what I’m eating makes me think twice about what I’m putting in my body. Thus far it hasn’t been that hard to stick to but I’m only about three days in so I’ll keep you posted. I’m hoping that writing about it on the internet will be extra accountability/a kick in the skinny jeans.


There is a move on the horizon for me, May 1. It seems like a long ways off now but I’ve already started decorating the new space in my head. If I had a million dollars, infinite crafty-time and free reign on the space I would probably have one or all of the following—

A headboard made out of recycled wood

A pink bathroom with a CHANDELIER

These pillows. Except I would probably want them to say “Bonne Nuit” instead of “Bonsoir”. These ones are from Urban, but you could probably make your own pretty easily, no?


I finally started reading Is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns) this week. It is everything I hoped for and more. I’m trying not to read through it too fast because I don’t want it to be over right away. Word on the street is that M. Kaling might be starring in her own show. Yes please!


Good news. Remember all those songwriting tips I posted last week? One of them was to be disciplined and set aside time for writing. Well I did. 25 minutes last Tuesday. Don’t laugh, 25 minutes is better than no minutes! I came up with a melody I kind of liked and it felt good to just sit down at the piano and not think about anything else except music for awhile. I don’t do that nearly often enough. This week I’m aiming for at least an hour.


This video has been bouncing around the internet today like a beachball at a Nickleback concert. The whole thing is hilarious but I love how she says if she’s not between a 4 and a 7 on the emotional scale she’s crying. ME TOO KRISTEN.


Speaking of crying, I was feeling super proud of myself because I had been on at least a two week streak of no tears. Those that know me well can attest that this is a rare occurrence. And then on Sunday I started crying in worship and I could not stop all day. And…I’ve cried every day since. But you know what? Whatever. It’s who I am. And it makes me feel better. Seriously sometimes you just need to cry about a bad day to get over it, right? Feelings are ok!


It’s the end of January and that means I’m 31 days into my Read the Bible in a Year plan. It’s become a habit now and I truly look forward to my Jesus time before bed every night. Up until this year I was a pretty solid three times a week bible reader, but I’ve found that being in the Word every day has done amazing things for my prayer life and walk with God. I feel like I have learned so much in just one month. And more than that, I think I’m learning just how much I don’t know.

These two verses are stuck to the wall above my bed and my bathroom mirror respectively. They’ve become daily prayers. Jesus let the words of my mouth and the thoughts of my heart be acceptable in your sight. And let me hear in the morning of your stead fast love, show me the way I should go.

11 Replies to “Tuesday Top Ten”

  1. I was watching that Kristen Bell clip last night before bed and I laughed so hard. She’s been my favourite for ages!

    1. It is hard to imagine Veronica Mars crying like that. I’m glad they had a video.

      1. Without the crying video I wouldn’t have believed her at all. But she was NOT hyperbolizing. That’s the best part.

  2. Your top ten are so great — and I will be the first to say that Lose It is a pretty grand app for keeping track of daily activities and eats.

    And PS. I think that wood headboard is a DIY waiting to happen — so beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Annie! I’m glad people love Lose It so much, makes me want to keep going with it.

      The headboard is my favorite too…I think it needs to happen.

  3. I use that app, too, Sarah! I really like it. 🙂 Although the exercise totals are totally wonky- I used the internet instead.

    and oh man, that Kristen Bell clip is hilar.

    Love the Top 10!

    1. I’m glad so many people are using it with success! Makes me feel like I’m not alone. That’s good to know about the exercise titles…if I ever start exercising!

  4. This is a real good Top 10.
    I have thoughts and comments.

    1. I am SO GLAD January is over. January is the longest of all the months, but you’re right, this January went pretty fast. We are busy people.

    2. I am pretty sure that all grown-ups have to schedule downtime. I have definitely had to do that ever since I began Not Working Retail Jobs.

    3. ADORBS.

    4. Ok, I just downloaded Lose It! I love that it is free. You forgot to mention that it is free! I think it will be helpful to have a fun new app to play with. I am bored of my old one.

    6. Mindy Kaling link not working.

    7. WELL DONE.

    8. Nickelback. Like a nickel. Five cents.

    1. 4. Shoot, I did forget to mention that Lose It is totally free. I did write it in the first draft of this post, which I forgot to send to myself from work, oops.

      6. Fixed!

      8. I…don’t care that I spelled their name wrong. They probably wouldn’t notice. I’m not sure if they can read.

      1. Re: Mindy Kaling link

        I would totally and completely watch that show.

        I would also totally and completely NEVER watch a show about Dwight.

  5. those pillows will go very nicely with your new B & W quilt… when it’s finished. Maybe a housewarming present? NO time to sew with these classes. Which are going well, but the exam tomorrow evening in Art History is scaring the pants off me. Is my Rococo turning Baroque? Or is it having a Renaissance? I am not sure.

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