Tuesday Top Ten


March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.
April showers bring May flowers.
Ugh. I am so over it.


Saturday night me and Jeremey went on a friend-date to the symphony. One of the guys in his small group was singing in the choir so we got all dressed up in our classiest clothes and headed down to the Orpheum. I just love the Symphony. When I was little my Mom used to take me to Symphony for Kids and I think that’s when I first fell in love. But since taking orchestration and composition classes in school I find it even more mesmerizing. Orchestral music is beautiful but it is so complex and there are so many intricate pieces that need to fall in place together. Unreal. I wish I got to go more often.


Ummm, guilty?


This. For this crazy month coming up. And for always.


You guys. Vanessa Hudgens won Fug Madness! This is the first year I picked/voted for a winner! I’m so proud, happy and thrilled. It was a super dramatic, down to the wire victory. Check it.



These Nuge for Calder videos are so hilarious to me. I think it’s the overly dramatic music. You’ve gotta laugh so you don’t cry, right?


Yesterday there was a major street food announcement at work which meant delicious lunch for me. I tried a Naan Kebab that had mint-cilantro chicken in it. The meat was bright green which sounds totally gross but it tasted amazing. They made the Naan from scratch right in the truck. The truck was called Soho Road and it’s going to be parked on Smithe by the law courts. So if you’re working or on trial in the area I highly recommend the Haviali Chicken Kebab.


Ariana’s wedding is in less that three weeks and it seems like everything is pretty much ready. Last night I tried on my bridesmaid dress for Michelle to get her expert opinion on fit/can-you-see-too-much-boobs-in-this-dress? modesty and she proclaimed it perfect and not needing alterations. Hooray! Levi said I looked like a “bee-yoot-eee-full princess”. Is there anything better than getting a compliment from an almost-three-year-old? Now I just need some shoes.


I have started writing this final point/item/thing three times now. I want to write about Easter and words keep failing me. The truth is, growing up in the church and hearing the Easter story every year it becomes easy to take it for granted. That sounds terrible and it is. So I’m not going to leave you with a sound bite or a cool quote I found in a book or something someone wise told me. My prayer is that this Easter and always, I would live life in light of what Jesus has done for me on the cross. Walking in freedom and joy by the grace that saved me. Please don’t let another Easter slip by without thinking about what it really means. He spoke. He created. He came. He lived. He died. He rose again. He conquered. He is Love. For you and for me.

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  1. I’m glad you liked the indian food! I’m so over it – we eat it at home all. the. time.

    I could use something different….but I am excited for more food trucks.

    1. Ooooh there were a couple of other choices. There was an El Salvadorean one that looked good and a salad/sandwich one. Also a “Pig on the Street” one which you will probably want to avoid. I think they said there would be 12 in all.

  2. Hey Sarah,

    Nice Top Ten! Jon and I went on a outing to the symphony as well last Thursday here in Edmonton. The symphony was pretty cool, as well it was featuring Ben Folds who is awesome! I don’t know why i mentioned that, in reflection on what i wrote i think i am just bragging.

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