Tuesday Top Ten


My heart is so full today. This was a wonderful weekend in so many ways. Sunshine! He is Risen! Friends! I ate lots and laughed much this weekend. I hope yours was amazing, restful and joyous too.


Westside got a whole bunch of media coverage this Easter weekend. Global came to the Good Friday service and then the Easter baptisms were on the front page of the Vancouver Sun. I was honestly very surprised at how positive all the coverage was. I love that there was at least some acknowledgement in the paper that Easter is about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. It’s exciting not because Westside is so great but because Jesus is getting talked about in the news media in our City.


There is so much change coming in my life in the next few weeks I can barely keep up. Next weekend bestie is moving away. Then WEDDING! Then my work contract ends. Then I move into a new place with new awesome roommates. Life is going to look very different for me on May 1st. Thankfully I don’t feel very anxious about job searching this time around. However, I am definitely praying that God would bring a little stability to this life o’mine.


Have you seen the Goonies? I watched it for the first time on Friday night at the Kneppers and I loved it. Although it’s hard to say what was better: the movie, or watching J.Knepps and Ryan watch the movie. They laughed so loud at every single joke and repeated the best lines right after they were said. At one point Ryan laughed so hard he had to get up out of his chair and jump around a little. If you ever get invited to movie night at the Kneppers, you should go. It’s an experience. The popcorn is pretty great too.


Saturday I went to Easter Brunch with 18 other friends at Marc Ross’ house. You guys, there is nothing better than a waffle potluck, I’m telling you. There was pretty much every kind of fruit you could want. Plus whip cream and syrup. And Roomie & De Funk made a breakfast casserole that used three pounds of cheese and four packs of bacon (not really). I was super proud of myself because I made Coconut Strawberry sauce. I know, culinary genius.

how to fit eighteen people in your living room *
super handsome friends
coconut strawberries

Afterwards the guys went out to the field behind their house to toss around a football in the sunshine. The girls sat on a bench and watched. It was like youth group all over again.

The Breakfast Club


Yesterday after coffee in the sunshine, Jenn and I wandered up main street to Front & Co. to see if they had any jewellery I could wear to the big wedding coming up. Sadly I didn’t find anything that really went with my Bridesmaid dress, but I did get these cute stacker silver rings. I could spend hours in that store.


The playoffs start tomorrow. I will be passively cheering for L.A. in the first round because a) I unironically love Dustin “Pancakes” Penner and b) I don’t want to still be hearing about the Canucks all the freaking time come June. I plan on burying my head in the sand, reading a lot of books and seeing my friends again after it’s all over.


I took a bit of a social media break this weekend. The first day it was kind of like quitting smoking and I kept automatically reaching for my phone. But once I got used to it it was really great to just leave my phone in my purse while I was hanging out with friends and really focus on the people I was with in real life. Also, I didn’t have any of those pangs of FOMO** or jealousy you sometimes get when you see people posting pictures of themselves having the most amazing time without you or wearing cute outfits you’d never be able to pull off. I don’t want to swear off of it completely because I do see the value in it. But I think it’s good to find a healthy balance between letting it take over your life and using it as a tool for sharing sometimes. I didn’t feel like I missed out on anything by not instagramming all weekend. I just texted more, which is nicer anyway. If anything, I felt more freedom in unplugging and living in the moment.


There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to about moving. Awesome roommates, Underground parking. Laundry. Cheaper Rent. A CLOSET. But I think the thing I most look forward to is watching Jeopardy every night with Nat and Maddie. We are best friends with Alex Trebek and his terrible dad jokes. The best is when you can save up a few episodes in a row. I’m pretty sure my IQ has gone up a few points because of this trivia friend time.


I was really into the Beautiful Exchange album this weekend. This song in particular I listened to about 18 times. Of course it’s Brooke so I love it. But Sometimes by Step is my favourite Rich Mullins song. And the words in the verses are phenom. What a pretty simple and beautiful prayer. God you are my God/I will ever praise You.

*photo credits are all Marc Ross except for “super handsome friends” which I took, obvs
** fear of missing out

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  1. I love Tuesday Top Ten although if I haven’t seen you for a while I miss you. Also, you can hangout with me during playoffs; I don’t talk shit.

    1. DEAL! I am really upset because I have to watch it at CG tonight. I’m painting my nails purple and black to protest.

      I miss you too!

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