Tuesday Top Ten


Howdy friends. Rainy Tuesday! I have already submitted two job applications this morning. My goal for the week is 15. Totally doable, right?


Two weeks ago, I posted about how excited I was to see the new Snow White movie and Bam! The next day I had a message from a friend offering free passes to the screening. Sometimes the internet is a magical place. So Jodes and I had a very romantical movie date last week. I lined up super early to save seats and then fought off all the hordes of people trying to steal hers. She got to show up right as the movie was starting and plunk her butt down right as the opening title rolled. Whatever.

I really really liked it! It deviated enough from the fairy tale to still be surprising. The styling and costumes were amazing and the acting was actually really good. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical about Kristen Stewart going in. But she didn’t bite her lip once, you guys! The evil queen was fairly terrifying. And um, ok. The Huntsman is pretty dreamy. Go see it, you will enjoy it. Even if you’re a dude…it’s not too girly, I promise. And that guy from Shaun of the Dead is in it for some comic relief.


I got my bangs trimmed today and can now see again. They were out of control. Now they don’t get caught on my glasses (as much). On Sunday someone I had never met before said to me, “Oh yes! I’ve seen you playing keyboards. You have such a pretty face! And then sometimes you wear big glasses…” The Glasses are a look, ok? You have to just be committed.

*Note: I don’t think she meant it to come across how it sounded. I’m laughing about it, not crying.


On Saturday afternoon, I went on a foodtruck tour with a crew of friends. It was Thomas’ brainchild, and he even created a fancypants menu for it. My hands-down favorite was the Brasserie sandwich. But the Bourbon Bacon Brownies from Pig on the Street were also really good. If you are thinking about embarking on a tour of your own, make sure you get the Vancouver Street Food app. I would also recommend going on a week day because some of the trucks we wanted to hit were closed for the weekend.


On Thursday night last week I got to be a part of the band that lead worship at Delve. A couple hundred people from my church gathered together for a night of worship and prayer following a whole day of fasting. The presence of the Lord was so powerful that night. At one point people were singing so loudly they drowned out the band. It was really amazing to be up there, looking out at all of those people worshipping Jesus with all they have. As a musician and a worshipper, it was such a blessing to see how God can really meet with his people and work in their hearts through songs. It is such a blessing to get to use my gifts in this way. I feel so blessed that I got to be a part of that night and truly humbled at the power and grace of God.


ILU Jay and Dan! I will even watch you during boring baseball season. #commitment


As I sit here writing this I have the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in the background. Fun fact about the Miller family: my Dad was born on the same day and year the queen was crowned. So he got to have a Diamond Jubilee for his birthday this year. My favorite thing about Royal events is all the hats, naturally. But also the dress uniforms and pomp and circumstance. Someone posted this photo of the Queen and Prince Phillip on Facebook yesterday. I don’t know where it’s from, but I think it’s so lovely.

I think when we’re dating we should really think about if we can see ourselves being best friends with that person 60 years later. Relationship Lessons From Her Majesty.


Last month, Tami and the Transposition Films crew travelled the northern provinces of India to film a documentary for Child of Mine. The film won’t be released for a few months yet, but you can check out a preview of their footage. Looks like it will be a beautiful film. Can’t wait to see the full thing.

India 2012 Footage Preview from Storyspark on Vimeo.


In between delve rehearsals, worship rehearsals and writing music for a dance show coming up next week, I have spent a lot of time with these two guys at the Hub the past few weeks. It is such a blessing to get to be a part of a community of creative musicians who are also your friends. I was out for lunch on the weekend with some new people from Westside and one of them remarked that “it seems like all you musicians really like each other.” I think we do.


This week as I wait for a new work contract, I have been throwing myself into a few web projects, including a redesign for sarahmiller.ca. Stay tuned!

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  1. The footage from Transposition is UNREAL. I can’t wait to see the documentary, India is so vibrant in every sense of the word.

  2. Aaaahhhhh so much to say. I wish I was on a real keyboard.

    ONE. Yes!

    TWO. Can’t wait to see!!!

    THREE. I lol’ed and had to read it to Jared.

    SIX. Is that real?? Like from an actual broadcast? Amaze.

    SEVEN. Love love. Mad props to Liz and Phil. And D.Mills.


    TEN. Ooooh, redesign! Sneak peek tomoz?

  3. I got the Edmonton food truck app… We have 3 food trucks here… BOO

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