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I have realized that as I write this Nailed It column, you guys will start to understand how big of a nailpolish problem I actually have. Last weekend I purchase three new colors from American Apparel (because they were mega on sale!) during the Khatsalano festival on 4th.

I’m not 100% sold on American Apparel polish. They have really great colours, but I am not crazy about the super long brush because it gives you way less control when applying. I used the minty green colour on my nails this week but ended up doing a really horrible job on my left hand because I’m not used to the brush. So no pictures. I do really love this light blue color on my toes. It’s called The Valley. Here is a really sweet picture featuring my sandal tan:

It has held up pretty well considering I’ve been running around in the ocean/sand twice since I painted them. I used the Essie Good to Go top coat this time. My finger nails started chipping the second day after I painted them, but it could be because I did such a terrible job on them in the first place. I will try again and let you know how it goes next week.

Are you guys excited for the Olympics!? I plan to be glued to my television for the next two weeks. Nail Art Idea: somebody out there should paint Olympic rings on their fingers. I’m just saying, there are five of them. Get on it.

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  1. A quick google search provided many horrible interpretations of Olympic nail art. Just gross. I will not be the one to improve upon this as I’m not an Olympics fan — yes, I just said that.

    1. I make no judgements. You are cool in at least 8 other ways.

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