Colour Match

I got to work this morning and my coworker was all, “your nails perfectly match your scarf!” Do you guys ever colour match things without meaning to? It happens to me a lot. I guess there are some colours that I’m just drawn to. There is probably some deep psychological meaning behind this. But I’m […]


In general, I’m fairly skeptical of beauty products that make grandiose promises. Creams that say they will get rid of scars or anti-frizz shampoo never work like they say they will. But I have to say I really misjudged OPI’s nail envy. I’ve been using it on my nails as a basecoat for the past […]

Purple haze all in my brain

This is as close to nail art as I get. Tami calls these my “fall transitional nails”. Purple: RGB Cosmetics Haze | Blue: American Apparel Passport Blue This RGB Cosmetics nailpolish is my ultimate favorite polish of all time. The bottle and brush are so well designed and it’s the easiest to apply of any […]

From this Valley

I have realized that as I write this Nailed It column, you guys will start to understand how big of a nailpolish problem I actually have. Last weekend I purchase three new colors from American Apparel (because they were mega on sale!) during the Khatsalano festival on 4th. I’m not 100% sold on American Apparel […]

Nailed It!

Shoes of the Day is an official title my Aunt Susie used to hand out to the person with the best shoes on any given day (duh). Usually it went to one of her girls but sometimes to a co-worker or other special person (me!) would get the award. I’ll never forget the time I […]