Nailed It!

Shoes of the Day is an official title my Aunt Susie used to hand out to the person with the best shoes on any given day (duh). Usually it went to one of her girls but sometimes to a co-worker or other special person (me!) would get the award. I’ll never forget the time I got shoes of the day for my pink pumps. One of my proudest moments.

Due to popular demand—by which I mean, Tami and Nat said I should do it—and inspired by my Aunt Susie, I have decided to do a new “Nailed It” blog feature. Now, let’s not get crazy, I’m not going to paint my nails every day. Nor will I start painting pictures on my nails. My hatred of Nail Art has been well documented. But I thought I could do product reviews, share what I’m wearing this week or give you some nail painting advice. Yay?

Disclaimer to the four guys who read this blog: Jeremey, Josh, Ryan and Dad—you can skip out on this one.

First up! American Apparel Neon Red (Fear not, the nailpolish page doesn’t have any nekkid ladies on it like the rest of the American Apparel site).

I stole this colour from Nat. Apparently American Apparel nail polish is totally cruelty free, whatever that means. The neon colour dries really quickly and is matte, so if you want it to be glossy you have to apply a top coat. I used the Essie No-Chip top coat because matte colours tend not to last as long. After about five days it started chipping. But I did do an intense house cleaning on Sunday afternoon and that can be hard on your nails so it might have been a contributing factor. You’ll note that it’s actually a little more orangey than the product photo on the website might lead you to believe. In real life, the colour is an exact match for Dutch Blitz red, which is totally perfect if you want to camo your nails for an extra advantage.

Happy Friday friends! Douze is making her way to Vancouver as I type this. So excited for a week of best friendy times.

3 Replies to “Nailed It!”

  1. I am going to respectfully disagree on your “nail art” stance. It’s true: some nail art goes too far (notebook nails??). However, some nail art (a single heart on one nail) can be adorbs.

    (On a serious note: I didn’t think you could get more awesome. Clearly, I was wrong. xo)

  2. Yeay!! I love it!! Such a good color too!

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