Go on, scream it from the mountains

This week’s Music Monday comes from my friend and fellow worship-musician-girl, Tiffany who first told me about The Digital Age. Tiff is one of my favorite people because we share very similar giftings and both have the same heart for worship. It’s awesome to have a friend who is super passionate about the same things you are and who understands a lot of the creative-person struggles that go along with it. Plus, we could totally write an undercover blog about girls in worship bands and all the things we hear backstage/in practice. It’d be just like Worship Sound Guy except with about 15% more Batman and 85% more fart jokes.

The Digital Age is a new project from some of the members of the David Crowder Band. This is their version of All the Poor and Powerless, which was written by All Sons and Daughters (who you should also check out sometime). I just love that there is so much good music being written about Jesus. Let the people sing!

Edit: I wrote this post earlier this afternoon, and Worship Sound Guy just tweeted a fart joke. #HolySpirit!?