Tuesday Top Ten


Happy Tuesday kids. I am totally exhausted and about 85% grumpy today. It’s mostly my own fault for trying to cram too many things into one weekend. But I would also like reserve a little bit of blame for the heat. My house is the approximate temperature of the sun and it makes falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. Humbug.


Rob and Eliza’s wedding was this past weekend was amazing. The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception was full of love and laughter. JZ—oh sorry, DJ Capabilities— DJ’d and everybody danced, danced, danced even though it was so hot. It was so fun to go to a wedding and get all dressed up and celebrate with all my most favorite people in the world. They had all of their guests tag all their instagram photos with the #robandeliza, so there was an instant online photo album.


I got tickets to go see The Head and The Heart in October! One of the best parts of working is that I can afford to go to concerts again.

I love this video. The white girl dance snap is my signature move.


With the roommates moving out soon, I need to find a new couch. And I have to make a confession: Craigslist totally stresses me out. I hate dealing with strangers over the internet! Also I’m terrified of getting bed bugs from an infested Craiglist couch. As I write this I can practically hear Tami rolling her eyes. She has the spiritual gift of Craigslist and always finds the coolest stuff on there.

Part of me wants to just spend the money and get something new. I have never bought a new piece of furniture in my life and I know it would be 100% bed bug free. Plus, I think buying a couch is an important step towards becoming a mature, responsible adult. What do you guys think? Anyone want to just deal with Craigslist/arranging a truck (and dude helpers) to pick up a couch for me?


I had to finish getting ready for the wedding at Michelle’s on Saturday, because neither of my roommates were home and I needed someone to do up the back of my dress. Her little guy kept asking if I was getting married and I had to explain that no, this was not my Wedding Dress, just a dress I am wearing to a wedding. Michelle and I were debating if I should go with hot pink lipstick to match my shoes and Levi was all, “I like that color, Sarah!” So that’s how I let a three year old pick my makeup for me.

I love this kid. And I love that he is totally giving me stranger danger eyes in this picture. To be fair, he is much more used to seeing me with glasses wearing sweatpants.


Last week, Mrs. De Ridder got me and Michelle passes to the Bourne Ultimatum. Ask and ye shall receive, internet! I loved it, but I might be a little biased because I love all the Bourne movies. The first one is in my top five all time favorite movies, fuh’real. Bourne Legacy is not exactly a sequel or continuation of the Bourne story, more like a totally new storyline and character done in the same style. It’s a good action movie and there are wolves. Great movie for a girl date, I’d say.


I have been listening to this Ben Howard album nonstop for the past two days. To be honest I’m not sure why I like it so much because his voice and lyrical style isn’t the sort I’m typically drawn to. But something about his music is comforting to me in my sleep deprived i-hate-the-world-today state. I know everyone is over this song, blah blah blah. I really like this cover.


Sunday night I escaped the heat and went to see Katy Perry: Part of Me. It was good, and gave a really interesting glimpse into the life of a pop star—all the hard work that goes into creating not just the music but the image, branding and production. There were some emotional moments. Both of my friends cried. I did not. I only cry in real life, you guys. Here is Katy Perry covering MGMT. The girl can sing and knows how to write a hit song.


I am totally obsessed with 8tracks right now. I listen to it all day long at work. It’s like radio but better. I have found so many great songs!


I’m feeling pretty convicted about the unhealthy amount of business in my life right now. I always seem to push myself to the point of exhaustion before I stop, take a step back and realize how important rest and stillness is. I’m not sure if it’s my personality or our culture or both but I feel like a failure if I’m not constantly doing something or working towards something. And it’s wearing me out. As I look ahead towards fall, and all the wonderful things I’ve committed to, I am also going to commit to scheduling one night a week for myself at home to rest. To read. To write/play music. Not just for my sanity’s sake. God rested. I need to rest too.

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  1. I’m so glad we saw K Per’s movie. I loved it. So many tears.

    1. I’m glad I got to see it with you because I think you’re probably the biggest KP fan I know.

  2. I love love love that picture of you and Levi. Also the Katy Perry makes me feel inexplicably melancholy. I feel like the movie would do the same. (Will so be PVR-ing it when it shows up on the movie channels.)

    1. I love it too! He did NOT want to be in a picture with me AT ALL. Hilarious.

      It’s totally worth watching. But I didn’t geek out about it as much as the Bieber movie.

  3. Katy Perry cover*

  4. I am such a huge fan of yours. Really, it’s just silly. Just saying in case you’re ever wondering if you have fans. You do. At least one.

    Again, your blog is a shining light into my usual drawn out, dull Tuesday cave.

    1. Thanks Keri that is so encouraging!

    2. Tuesday IS such a cave.

  5. PS: it is adorable when Ben Howard smiles and laughs when he sings the chorus!

  6. Judy Weiss says:

    Well, the couch decision is hard. If you think you will be in your same digs for a long time, I’d buy new. If there’s a chance you’ll move in a year and have to sell it to someone who is afraid of Craig’s list and bed bugs, that’s another story…

    Happy BD coming up.

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